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For the vendors that players can purchase, see Player Owned Vendors

Purchaseable Items[edit | edit source]

These items are purchaseable from NPCs.

Skill Training[edit | edit source]

Skill training can be found at appropriate vendors by saying "vendor train", and costs 300gp to raise skill up to 30. The full list of which skill is available on which vendor is on the Skills page.

Provisioner[edit | edit source]

The provisioner NPC carries 10-100 of each of these items.

Item Cost
Tiny Box 250gp
Magnifying Glass 500gp
Fishing Rod 500gp
Tinder Box 380gp
Journeyman Tinder Box 1,000gp
Pouch 250gp
Blank Key 1,000gp
Blank Book 1,000gp
Printed Note 1,000gp
Bread 20gp
Lockbox 1,000gp
Vendor Rental Contract Deed 12,500gp
Torch 100gp

Tailor[edit | edit source]

The tailor NPC carries 10-25 of most of these items.

Item Cost
Dye Tub 19,999gp
Scissors 1,000gp
Leather Helm 100gp
Leather Tunic 105gp
Leather Leggings 90gp
Apprentice's Helm 25gp
Apprentice's Tunic 55gp
Apprentice's Leggings 40gp
Bandage 3gp
Mage Hat 100gp
Bandana 100gp
Hooded Robe 100gp
Dress 100gp

Alchemist[edit | edit source]

The alchemist NPC carries 500 of each of these items.

The magic broker carries 1000 of each of these items and can be located in Moonglow.

Item Cost Broker Cost
Black Pearl 6gp 5gp
Blood Moss 6gp 5gp
Garlic 6gp 5gp
Mandrake Root 6gp 5gp
Nightshade 6gp 5gp
Spider's Silk 6gp 5gp
Sulphurous Ash 6gp 5gp
Moss 6gp 5gp
Ginseng 6gp 5gp

Librarian[edit | edit source]

The librarian NPC carries 10-100 of each of these items.

The magic broker carries 30-300 of each of these items and can be located in Moonglow.

Item Cost Broker Cost
Mark Scroll 1,100gp 950gp
Blank Recall Rune 350gp 315gp
Recall Scroll 550gp 480gp
Gate Travel Scroll 5,000gp 4,500gp

Mage[edit | edit source]

The mage NPC sells the same items as the Alchemist and the Librarian, in addition to the following items (1-10 of most of these).

The magic broker can be found in Moonglow (3-30 of most of these).

As of August 24th, 2019 Mage NPCs will now buy any spell scrolls and miasmas's back from you for a small amount of gold.

Item Cost Broker Cost
Spellbook 1,800gp 1,620gp
Miasma 10,000gp 9,000gp
Runebook 50,000gp 45,000gp
Heal Scroll 150gp 135gp
Staff 100gp 90gp
Harm Scroll 150gp 135gp
Blank Scroll 80gp 72gp

Tinker[edit | edit source]

The tinker NPC carries 10 of each of these items.

Item Cost
Cartographer's Pen 500gp
Mining Pick 250gp
Hatchet 250gp
Hammer 250gp
Tinker Tools 1,000gp
Hunting Knife 100gp
Shovel 100gp
Engraving Tool 1,000gp
Cooking Pot 150gp

Carpenter[edit | edit source]

The carpenter NPC carries 10 of each of these items.

Item Cost
Bard Flute 2,500gp
Tinderbox 38gp
Crook 100gp

Blacksmith[edit | edit source]

The blacksmith NPC carries 10 of each of these items.

Item Cost
Brigandine Helm 170gp
Brigandine Leggings 220gp
Brigandine Tunic 320gp
Buckler 320gp
Letter Opener 210gp
Broadsword 250gp
Mace 325gp

Bowyer[edit | edit source]

The bowyer NPC carries 10 of most of these items.

Item Cost
Short Bow of Ruin 80gp
Arrow 10gp
Fletching Knife 5,000gp

Architect[edit | edit source]

The architect NPC carries 10 of each of these items.

As of August 23rd, 2019 Architect NPCs will now buy back anything they sell for 80% of the original value. Additionally, anything that re-sells for over 15k gold will be automatically deposited into your bank.

Item Cost
Treestump Removal Shovel 15,000gp
Guildstone Deed 15,000gp
Land Plot Deed 20,000gp
Wooden Door 6,500gp
Round Tudor Door 8,000gp
Dark Tudor Door 8,000gp
Pointed Tudor Door 8,000gp
Various Houses See Housing

Banker[edit | edit source]

The banker NPC carries 10 of most of these items.

Item Cost
Commodity Deed 1,000gp
Vendor Rental Contract 12,500gp
Guildstone Deed 15,000gp
Name Change Deed 250,000gp
Clothing Bless Deed 500,000gp
Royal Pardon for Stat Loss 125,000gp
Royal Pardon for Murderers 500,000gp

Chef/Farmer[edit | edit source]

The chef and farmer NPCs carry 25 of most of these items.

Item Cost
Cooking Pot 1,000gp
Apple 90gp
Bread 60gp
Broccoli 90gp
Cucumber 90gp
Grapes 90gp
Lemon 90gp
Onion 90gp
Orange 90gp
Pear 90gp
Potato 120gp
Tomato 120gp

Jeweler[edit | edit source]

The jeweler NPC carries 25 of these items.

Item Cost
Soulstone Shards (single use) 1,000,000gp

Unique Vendors[edit | edit source]

Brokers[edit | edit source]

  • The Treasure Hunter Broker can be found in Nujel'm.
  • The Forestry Broker can be found in Yew.
  • The Mining Broker can be found in Magincia.
  • The Gardening Broker can be found in Ocllo.

There is a vendor called the Fishing Broker who is not a discount broker like the others, they just sell fish.

Gardener[edit | edit source]

There are 3 Gardeners, one in Britain by the Royal Gardens, a broker by Ocllo's farm, and one in Buccaneer's Den.

As of August 24th, 2019 Gardener NPCs will now buy seeds back for a very modest sum.

Item Cost Broker Cost
Cotton Seeds 10gp 9gp
Mushroom Seeds 10gp 9gp
Giant Mushroom Seeds 10gp 9gp
Poison Mushroom Seeds 10gp 9gp
Apple Seeds 10gp 9gp
Orange Seeds 10gp 9gp
Pear Seeds 10gp 9gp
Lemon Seeds 10gp 9gp
Grape Seeds 10gp 9gp
Lettuce Leaf Seeds 10gp 9gp
Rosemary Seeds 10gp 9gp
Wheat Seeds 10gp 9gp
Tomato Seeds 10gp 9gp
Cabbage Seeds 10gp 9gp
Broccoli Seeds 10gp 9gp
Onion Seeds 10gp 9gp
Potato Seeds 10gp 9gp
Pepper Seeds 10gp 9gp
Cucumber Seeds 10gp 9gp
Old Toby Seeds 10gp 9gp
Gardening Supplies 2000gp 1800gp
Shovel 500gp 450gp
Water Pitcher 1000gp 900gp
Gardening Scythe 7500gp 6800gp

Ethereals Merchant[edit | edit source]

The ethereals merchant is located near Magincia bank.

Item Cost
Ethereal Recharge Crystal 500,000gp
Ethereal Horse Statue (re-chargeable) 1,000,000gp
Ethereal Horse Statue 10,000,000gp
Ethereal Warg Statue 25,000,000gp

Event Token Vendor[edit | edit source]

The event token vendor is located near Magincia bank.

Item Cost
Blessed Torch 3 tokens
Runebook 5 tokens
Armor Lottery 5 tokens
Weapon Lottery 5 tokens
Shield Lottery 5 tokens
Empty Bookshelf Deed (deco) 7 tokens
Garden Cart Deed (deco) 7 tokens
Name Change Deed 25 tokens
Pet Bonding Deed 25 tokens
Clothing Bless Deed 50 tokens
Murder Count Reset Deed 75 tokens
Ethereal Horse Statue (500 charges) 75 tokens

Souvenirs Vendor[edit | edit source]

The souvenirs vendor can be found at Moonglow Zoo.

Item Cost
Souvenir Cloak 10,000gp
Vile Mouse Cage 1,000,000gp
Evil Mongbat Cage 1,000,000gp
Dread Hind Cage 1,000,000gp
Dangerous Harpy Cage 1,000,000gp
Fearsome Grizzly Cage 1,000,000gp
Scary Dragon Cage 1,000,000gp
Violent Rabbit Cage 1,000,000gp
Bad Boy Cage 1,000,000gp
Wolf Souvenir Statue 500,000gp
Spider Souvenir Statue 500,000gp
Dragon Souvenir Statue 750,000gp
Warg Souvenir Statue 750,000gp
Dire Bear Souvenir Statue 500,000gp
Nightmare Souvenir Statue 750,000gp
Muffin 10gp
Grilled Rabbit Sausage 12gp
Slices of Roast Meat 12gp
Wolf Appetizer 12gp
Bowl of Haggis 5gp
Grilled Bear Leg Bone 12gp
Angry Wizard 25gp

Beekeeper[edit | edit source]

The beekeeper can be found in Ocllo.