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Skill Type Lore

You can use the Tracking skill to track and locate animals, monsters, NPCs, players, and landmarks in-game.

Tips[edit | edit source]

The Tracking HUD can be dragged depending on your Hotbar Locking setting.

It can be disorienting trying to navigate with the camera spun in a weird angle. Press Z at any time in-game to reset the camera back to it's default view. If you like to spin the camera a lot, there's also a Minimap Spin Lock button on the top left of the minimap that may be helpful when trying to navigate while tracking.

How to Use[edit | edit source]

Open skill window (Press K) browse to Tracking and press the Tracking button

The first window will have you select which type of being you wish to search for.

After you have chosen a category, you are presented with a list of being nearby that you have successfully tracked and can now locate them further.

After you have found a target to track, an overhead box appears showing the name of your target, the distance you are from them, and which direction they are from you. At the top of the overhead box it will also show the abbreviated direction your character is currently facing.

When you get close enough, depending on your skill level, an icon will appear on your minimap showing you their location.

Furthermore, once your target appears on-screen in the world they will have a Skull icon appearing next to their name, which is visible only to the tracker. This is currently one of the only ways we are able to highlight a being specifically to one player and not another player.

Tracking generally lasts for about 5 minutes, unless you become too close to the target for too long it will end on it's own. Trackers can click the X (close) button on the Tracking HUD as well. Activating the Tracking skill again while you already have a target acquired and tracking them will also cause Tracking to end.

Tracking will end if you get too far away from your target.

Success Chance[edit | edit source]

When selecting a category, your character will perform a search and then get a list of nearby beings. For each nearby being within range of the tracker, the user's Tracking and Detect Hidden skill is checked against the target's Hiding and Stealth; Distance also affects the success chance in that the further away your target is the lower the chance is to have them be acquired.

Training/Skill Gains[edit | edit source]

Tracking has a chance to gain when searching for targets after clicking on a category tab