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  • Did you know that we have the /targ command that will attempt to target nearest desired mobs? For example you can /targ monster and it will select the nearest monster to you as your current target; the options are: monster, enemy (crim players or monsters), friendly & pet

  • You only need to use the LOA Launcher to update the client going forward. Once you've got the latest version updated, then create a shortcut to the Legends of Aria.exe file from the Launcher's folder [example: C:\Program Files\Legends of Aria \Legends of Aria.exe] and run that. This way you never update prematurely before LOU does. In the future we will guide players to update their clients after we've updated the server.

  • Did you know that we now have a Tree Removal Shovel? Got pesky trees on your lawn? Check an Architect's shop near you to obtain one today!

  • If you need assistance in game please use the Page GM tool [/page]; if you want to report a bug and are not expecting a reply from staff, use the Bug Report tool [/bugreport].

  • Not sure about how something works? Check the LOU Wiki by typing /wiki in-game; add a keyword to it like /wiki house or /wiki enchanting to do a fuzzy search.

  • If you plan on making a crafter as your first player and want to support the tool costs, you have 2 options.
 Either take 50 tinkering and mining, or take 50 mining and blacksmithing, tinkering will allow you make tools with less fails, but blacksmithing will allow needing less ingots to gm. (Mining will give you gems that you can sell for some money)

  • If you're struggling with cash at the start you could kill low level mobs for hides, chance at scroll worth 1.5k, enchantment materials and other random stuff, which all add up to some cash flow. The hides can be sold to vendor for some money and players pay a lot more. Worst case scenario you can't find a buyer you can sell to vendor for 25 gold each.

  • If you want to mine just iron ore for grand master blacksmithing and or tinkering and want to remain mining one type of ore, lock your skill at 64 or 64.9, this way you will only find iron ore and no other ore will pop up.

  • If you plan on doing alchemy, then it's a very good idea to take up tinkering as well since it will allow you to make your own bottles at high end tinkering using sand. This way you can save money if you don't want to buy the bottles, plus if you plan on making your own tools, than this will benefit in both ways.

  • Treasure Hunting can be a good source for cash even at early on stages, fishing skill can make this easier since that allows you to fish up maps. This is of course if you want to avoid combat to get maps.

  • A good way to level up Healing and Anatomy at the same time and at a faster rate is to put the command you can grab from pushing K and then dragging the anatomy command to hotbar. With this you can spam to look at yourself in every aspect, by doing so you can have a chance at gain, now while you doing that find something to hit you, something that does small damage over time and then heal. So the idea is to heal while you take damage and then spam anatomy using the command on yourself. this will allow both skills to level at the same time.