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Skill Type Crafting

That fellow or lass, with pockets overflowing with bits of metal, scraps of ore, and widgets and trinkets of various shapes and sizes may be your local tinker. The tinkers of Britannia create a wide variety of tools, trinkets, and other items to brighten the houses and keeps of Britannia.

Commonly overlooked, Tinkering is the essential backbone of the crafting world, as a master tinkerer supplies high-quality tools to the various crafters of Britannia.

Tinkering requires the use of ingots and boards in order to create various tools and objects. At higher skill levels, it is possible for a tinker to create a Golem companion.

Tinkering tools cannot be repaired, unlike blacksmithing, so if you want tools to last make higher ore versions.

Tinkers can make deadly traps with scaled damage based upon their Tinkering skill, and bonus damage applied to Tinker traps crafted above 80 Tinkering.

Only containers that are on the ground, or inside a Tinkerer's backpack, can have traps actively added to them, but already trapped containers can be placed in a variety of locations.

The Telekinesis spell is an effective way to forcefully trigger Tinker Traps on containers from a safe distance.

Only the creator of the Tinker-Trapped container can safely open and use it without triggering the embedded trap.

Craftables[edit | edit source]

In order to craft items, a tinkerer requires ingots, boards, potions, and Tinker Tools.

Category Type Item Materials Skill Level Required
Tools Crafting Tools Pair of Scissors 4 Ingot 14.5
Tools Crafting Tools Tinker's Tools 2 Ingot 15
Tools Crafting Tools Skinning Knife 2 Ingot 23.3
Tools Crafting Tools Mortar and Pestle 3 Ingot 23.3
Tools Crafting Tools Cooking Pot 2 Ingot 28.5
Tools Crafting Tools Fletching Knife 2 Ingot 32.6
Tools Crafting Tools Dovetail Saw 4 Ingot 32.7
Tools Crafting Tools Cartographer's Pen 2 Ingot 33.3
Tools Crafting Tools Hatchet 4 Ingot 33.9
Tools Crafting Tools Scribe's Pen 2 Ingot 34.8
Tools Crafting Tools Prospector's Tool 1 Bag of Sand, 1 Board 35
Tools Crafting Tools Shovel 4 Ingot 41.1
Tools Crafting Tools Smith's Hammer 4 Ingot 41.9
Tools Crafting Tools Pickaxe 4 Ingot 42.1
Alchemy Bottles Empty Bottle 1 Bag of Sand 50
Alchemy Bottles 100 Empty Bottle 100 Bag of Sand 55
Lock and Keys Keys Blank Key 2 Ingot 30
Lock and Keys Lockpicks 50 Lockpicks 50 Ingot 70
Lock and Keys Lockpicks Lockpick 1 Ingot 70
Lock and Keys Lockpicks 100 Lockpicks 100 Ingot 75
Lock and Keys Lockboxes Easy Locked Box 3 Ingot 30
Lock and Keys Lockboxes Medium Locked Box 3 Ingot, 3 Bronze Ingot 50
Lock and Keys Lockboxes Hard Locked Box 3 Ingot, 3 Agapite Ingot 70
Various Flatware Small Plate 3 Board 15
Various Flatware Bowl 2 Board 20
Various Flatware Plate 3 Ingot 25
Various Flatware Large Oval Plate 5 Ingot 35
Various Flatware Large Oval Platter 3 Bronze Ingot 45
Various Flatware Large Platter 2 Bronze Ingot 45
Various Glasses Magnifying Glass 2 Bronze Ingot 35
Various Glasses Elegant Short Glass 2 Sapphire, 2 Emerald, 2 Ruby, 2 Topaz, 2 Diamond 45
Various Glasses Elegant Tall Glass 2 Sapphire, 2 Emerald, 2 Ruby, 2 Topaz, 2 Diamond 45
Various Silverware Fork 2 Ingot 10
Various Silverware Knife 2 Ingot 15
Various Silverware Break Knife 2 Ingot 16
Various Silverware Butcher Knife 3 Ingot 17
Various Silverware Decorative Knife 2 Bronze Ingot 55
Various Decorations Candle 2 Beeswax 0
Various Decorations Cup of Dice 2 Iron Ingot, 5 Board 30
Various Decorations Crystal Lamp 2 Sapphire, 2 Emerald, 2 Ruby, 2 Topaz, 2 Diamond 55
Various Decorations Skull Candle 3 Beeswax, 2 Human Skull 65
Various Containers Lockbox 3 Agapite Ingot 55
Various Containers Water Pitcher 30 Bag of Clay, 5 Wheat 75
Various Throwing Bola Ball 10 Iron Ingot 45
Various Throwing Bola 4 Bola Ball, 3 Leather 60
Traps Traps Explosion Trap (Dodgy) 1 Ingot, 1 Explosion Potion 40
Traps Traps Explosion Trap (Hazardous) 2 Ingots, 2 Explosion Potions 65
Traps Traps Explosion Trap (Perilous) 3 Ingots, 3 Explosion Potions 90
Pets Clockwork Clockwork Golem 5 Oak Board, 5 Bronze Ingot, 5 Agapite Ingot 75
  • Unless Material type (ex. "Bronze Ingot") is specified, multiple color choices are craftable using different materials.

Training[edit | edit source]

Skill Level Item Materials
0-30 Tinkering Skill Book 300 Gold
30-50 Wooden Bowls 2 Wooden Boards
50-95 Empty Bottle 1 Sand
95-100 Lockpick 1 Iron Ingot