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Skill Type Rogue

To use Stealing, first open the Skill Book (press K in-game) and browse to the Stealing skill. Drag the window to your hotbar and use that button to activate stealing. Items that can be stolen will also have a right-click option for "Steal"

Thieves are able to attempt stealing items from: Players, Pets, Town Containers, NPCs, Monsters

You can perform a blind-steal by targeting a player/NPC/monster directly

The success chance for Stealing is explained in full details on the UO Stealing Wiki page: and we also have a spreadsheet to test chance calculations:

Using Stealing or attempting to steal will always reveal the thief

Weight Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Thieves are limited in the weight of items that they can steal, following this guideline:

Skill Level Weight Can Steal
30-40 3 Stones
40-50 4 Stones
50-60 5 Stones
60-70 6 Stones
70-80 7 Stones
80-90 8 Stones
90-99.9 9 Stones
100 10 Stones

Notoriety/Criminal Action[edit | edit source]

Stealing is always considered a crime.

If you are caught by a human NPC, they will call the Guards instantly to have you guard-whacked regardless of whether you succeed or fail.

Preventing getting caught stealing requires the scenario in which following criteria is met:

  • no human NPCs are within range of 7 steps (no NPCs nearby to call Guards)
  • they are not looking in your direction (reduces chance to get caught by 33%)
  • they do not have a line of sight to you (NPCs are required to have line of sight in order to call Guards for stealing)

Thieves cannot report murders when they are killed, as long as they are in the Thieves Guild.

Thieves that receive a murder count are immediately removed from the Thieves Guild until all murder counts are dissolved.

Perfect Crime[edit | edit source]

The Perfect Crime is a scenario where you did not get caught and your name remains blue, but you are still considered a criminal.

When you pull off the Perfect Crime your name will remain blue to everyone until you either:

  • commit another crime
  • anyone attacks you

When either of these actions occur, your name will immediately turn gray to everyone and you can be freely attacked.

There is a chance to pull off the Perfect Crime when there are no witnesses, which further increases your success chance to steal the object

The chance to pull off the Perfect Crime is increased if you are:

  • dismounted
  • hidden
  • behind your target

Training[edit | edit source]

You can learn Stealing by speaking to the Thief Guildmaster and either obtaining a Stealing Skill Book or by using the skill.

You can steal from containers found around the world, mostly in towns around shops to find various loot and acquire skill.

You can train stealing by stealing items from your own pack animals to avoid criminal action.

Training the skill is not impacted by the weight of the object like it was on UO.

Stealing from Players/Pets & Thieves Guild[edit | edit source]

You will be required to join the Thieves Guild before you can steal from other players or their pets. The Thieves Guild guildmaster can be found in Buccaneer's Den.

Joining the Thieves Guild requires the following:

  • Character age needs to be older than 7 days since it was created
  • 60+ Stealing & Snooping
  • Thieves should not have any murder counts

Disguise Kit[edit | edit source]

Thieves in the Thieves Guild can purchase a Disguise Kit for 10,000gp that allows players to apply a temporary disguise which you can tailor to your liking, including changes to their appearance and a random name. The Disguise Kit is a tool (not a single use consumable like a potion).

This is a more effective method to apply a disguise than the Incognito spell as the disguise includes your look and it lasts much longer - approximately 15 minutes.

Stealing from Town[edit | edit source]

Town containers spawn loot inside of them that can be stolen.

Town containers have a chance to be locked and trapped, so watch your step!

Stealing from Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monsters do not have backpacks for inventory so they can only be stolen from blindly.

Thieves can only steal from a single monster twice.