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Skill Type Rogue

Snooping[edit | edit source]

Snooping allows thieves to attempt to open the inventory of other players, pack animals and NPCs

Use[edit | edit source]

Open the Skill Book (press K in-game) and browse to the Snooping skill, drag the Snooping icon to your hotbar and use that button to activate Snooping; additionally, beings that are in-range and can be snooped will have a right-click option of "Snoop"

You must be within a step or two of the target in order to Snoop them.

Snooping can only be performed against characters with backpacks:

  • Players
  • Pack Animals
  • Human NPCs

Training[edit | edit source]

To train Snooping, it is as simple as attempting to Snoop everyone around you

Success[edit | edit source]

Success chance is based on skill level: SnoopingSkill/100 with a max of 90%

If you are hidden and dismounted, a bonus is applied to the success chance of 10%

If you fail to open the inventory of your target, nearby players will be warned with a message that they've noticed you attempting to snoop

Notoriety/Criminal Action[edit | edit source]

Snooping is not considered a criminal action