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Guards, call the banker and have the vendor buy me a beer.


Bug Reports[edit | edit source]

How to submit a bug report ingame

Open the Bug Report windows with the commands /bug or /bugreport, or use the Bug Report option in the Escape menu to access this.
You can attach an object/item to have information about the object sent with your report.

Shortcuts[edit | edit source]

Legends of Ultima Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Purpose
L Opens the map
TAB Cycles targets. Press Y to validate target
G Targets self
T Selects current target
Y Selects previous target
/ Toggles Walk/Run
B Toggles Backpack
C Toggles Paperdoll, aka Character Sheet
K Toggles Skillbook
Z Resets the camera rotation
INSERT Switches overhead names filters for NPCs, players and self
H Disables or enables overhead names depending on Names Filters
O Opens a movable target's health bar
J Disables or enables health bars under characters, NPCs, pets and monsters
N Performs the Hiding action
SPACE Enters or exits War Mode
U Toggles Karma Protection
undefined Uses last item used. Bind to Custom Action 1 in settings
undefined Uses Right-Hand, for skinning. Bind to Custom Action 2 in settings
M Toggles Meditation. Bind to Custom Action 3 in settings
Left Shift Displays NPC, players and pets name plates in the world when pressed down
Left Control Displays items name plates in the world when pressed down
Alt + LMB Loots automatically the targeted corpse
undefined Toggles the UI. Shortcut undefined by default, assign a key in the settings

Slash commands[edit | edit source]

Legends of Ultima complete list of Slash commands

Chat[edit | edit source]

Slash command Purpose
/tc Toggles World Chat.
/c message Sends your message in the World Chat. Everyone can read it
/say message Sends your message in the local chat. Only visible to players around you
/gr message Sends your message in the group chat
/g message Sends your message in the guild chat
/tell PlayerName message Sends a private message to PlayerName

Emotes/Animations[edit | edit source]

Slash command Description

Interface[edit | edit source]

Slash command Purpose
/motd Opens Legends of Ultima Information Panel. News and Server Rules are displayed there
/togglemotd Toggles display of MoTD at login
/togglealerts Toggles display of Server Alerts messages. Still shows the chat messages
/bugreport Displays the Bug Report link
/help Opens the commands shortcuts. You can place them on your hotbar
/help actions Displays the emotes/animations list
/custom Opens the custom commands creation tool
/title Opens the earned titles list
/karma Toggles criminal action warnings on/off (Notoriety)
/fame or /fametitle Shows your karma/fame and toggle your Lord/Lady title (Reputation)
/healthbar Opens a movable target's health bar. Same as hotkey O
/toggleregs Toggles the Reagents Counter for the HUD
/togglearrows Toggles the Arrows Counter for the HUD
/togglebandages Toggles the Bandages Counter for the HUD
/resetwindowpos Resets windows position. Helpful when off-screen windows occur. Try to re-open the window after the command
/reloadui Will refresh all of the HUD elements (also performs a Reset Window Positions)
/toggleblood Toggles the Blood effect on your screen
/hudloc Cycles through HUD locations: top or bottom
/itemstuck Removes items that are stuck to your cursor

Combat[edit | edit source]

Slash command Purpose
/targ Target nearest target
/targ monster Target nearest monster
/targ enemy Target nearest monster or criminal player
/targ friendly Target nearest party member
/targ pet Target nearest pet
/autodefend Toggles Auto-Defender mode, stopping or allowing you from entering War Mode when attacked
/bandageself Applies a bandage to your character

Group and Guild[edit | edit source]

Slash command Purpose
/guildtag Toggles the Guild Tag
/leaveguild Leaves the guild
/group Opens the group window
/leavegroup Leaves the group

Skills[edit | edit source]

Slash command Purpose
/evalint or /eval Activates the Evaluate Intelligence skill
/hide Activates the Hiding skill
/begging Beg NPCs for gold
/music Activates the Musicianship skill
/peace Activates the Peacemaking skill
/provo Activates the Provocation skill
/disco Activates the Discordance skill
/trytame Activates the Animal Taming skill
/detecthidden or /dh Activates the Detect Hidden skill
/spiritspeak or /ss Activates the Spirit Speak skill
/skillnames Lists the skill names to be used with the /skillcap commands (see below)
/skillcap SkillName Value Sets your skillcap. For example: /skillcap AnimalTaming 100

Quality of Life[edit | edit source]

Slash command Purpose
/stuck Teleports you to a safe location when stuck
/time Gives you current Game Time and UTC Time
/nextreboot Tells you what time the next reboot is (probably 9AM UTC, every 24 hours)
/where Gives your current Region, coordinates, and facing direction
/ad Toggles automatic opening of doors
/opendoor or /od Opens nearby door
/split x Splits x items from a stack (currently inactive)
/spiritspeaksound or /sss Toggles the Spirit Speak sound
/doll Toggles opening a player's paperdoll by double-clicking on a player
/run Toggles the Always Run mode
/heavy Toggles the confirmation when picking up objects that weight more than 300 stones
/vendorconfirm Toggles the confirmation when purchasing items from a NPC
/canplace Tells if you can place a house there or not
/resync Frees up client memory for onscreen objects to reduce client lag
/refresh Fixes graphic glitches (objects, players, NPCs)
/delete or /delchar Permanently deletes your player character. Must be 7 days old
/wiki Opens the LoU wiki in your default browser. You can start a search by adding search terms to the command: /wiki search terms
/tutorial Opens default web browser and goes to LoU tutorial video

/useresource commands[edit | edit source]

The /useresource ResourceName command lets you use an item when their direct use on hotbars is bugged.
The ResourceName is case-sensitive and follows the TypePotionStrength rule for potions.

Category Item Name /useresource command

Bandage /useresource Bandage
Bolas Bola /useresource Bola
Oil Cloth

Oil Cloth /useresource OilCloth
Agility potions

Lesser Agility Potion
Agility Potion
Greater Agility Potion
/useresource AgilityPotionLesser
/useresource AgilityPotion
/useresource AgilityPotionGreater
Cure potions

Lesser Cure Potion
Cure Potion
Greater Cure Potion
/useresource CurePotionLesser
/useresource CurePotion
/useresource CurePotionGreater
Explosion potions

Lesser Explosion Potion
Explosion Potion
Greater Explosion Potion
/useresource ExplosionPotionLesser
/useresource ExplosionPotion
/useresource ExplosionPotionGreater
Heal potions

Lesser Healing Potion
Healing Potion
Greater Healing Potion
/useresource HealPotionLesser
/useresource HealPotion
/useresource HealPotionGreater
Invisibility potion

Invisibility Potion /useresource InvisibilityPotion
Intelligence potions

Lesser Intelligence Potion
Intelligence Potion
Greater Intelligence Potion
/useresource IntelligencePotionLesser
/useresource IntelligencePotion
/useresource IntelligencePotionGreater
Mana potions

Mana Potion
Greater Mana Potion
/useresource ManaPotion
/useresource ManaPotionGreater
Nightsight potion

Nightsight Potion /useresource NightsightPotion
Poison potions

Lesser Poison Potion
Poison Potion
Greater Poison Potion
Deadly Poison Potion
/useresource PoisonPotionLesser
/useresource PoisonPotion
/useresource PoisonPotionGreater
/useresource PoisonPotionDeadly
Refresh potions

Refresh Potion
Greater Refresh Potion
/useresource RefreshPotion
/useresource RefreshPotionGreater
Stamina potions

Lesser Stamina Potion
Stamina Potion
Greater Stamina Potion
/useresource StaminaPotionLesser
/useresource StaminaPotion
/useresource StaminaPotionGreater
Strength potions

Strength Potion
Greater Strength Potion
/useresource StrengthPotion
/useresource StrengthPotionGreater

Speech Commands[edit | edit source]

Legends of Ultima complete list of Speech Commands

Speech commands can be combined like Guards, call the banker and have the vendor buy me a beer

Speech command Purpose
guards Calls the guards in Protected Zones
vendor buy Opens vendor's items windows
vendor sell Sells selected item to the vendor
bank Opens your bank. Must be near a banker
deposit x Deposits x gold in your bank. (deposit all to deposit all the gold). Must be near a banker
withdraw x Withdraws x gold from your bank. (withdraw all to withdraw all the gold). Must be near a banker
check x Creates a check. x is the check's value. (check all to write a check with all the gold in the bank)
balance Asks the banker for your current bank account balance
I ban thee Allows you to eject a player or monster from the interior of your home regardless if it's locked
remove thyself Allows you to eject a player or monster from the interior of your home regardless if it's locked
I must consider my sins Displays your murder count and stat loss remaining time
I wish to lock this down Lets you lock an item in your house
I wish to release this Lets you unlock an item in your house
I renounce my young player status Lets you get rid you the Young Player status

Pets[edit | edit source]

Legends of Ultima complete list of pets commands

Pets Slash Commands[edit | edit source]

Slash command Purpose
/mount or /remount Toggles mounting of designated pet
/setmount Designates the targeted pet as your default mount for /mount and /remount
/pet Displays the current active pets slots used
/trytame Activates the Animal Taming skill. Attempts to tame the target
/getallpets Summons your pets' dead bodies. Must be near a Stable Master
/grabpets or /gp Teleports all your nearby pets and brings them to their owner
/graballpets or /gap Teleports all unstabled pets from the world and brings them to their owner. 1 hour cooldown
/packanimal Opens your pack animal's inventory

Pets Speech Commands[edit | edit source]

In the following Speech Commands, the word "all" can be replaced by a pet's name to control just this pet. The commands can be followed by me (ex: all follow me, all guard me) to make your character the target.

Speech command Purpose
all follow Makes all your pets follow the target
all come Makes all your pets come to the target
all guard Makes all your pets guard the target
all kill Makes all your pets attack the target
all attack Makes all your pets attack the target
all stop Makes all your pets stop what they are doing
all release Releases the targeted pet.

Colored Tooltips[edit | edit source]

Engraving tool


When using your Engraving Tool, place the color code in brackets right before the name of the item: [ColorCode]ItemName[-]

  • ColorCode is the 6 letters color code that can be found on It is the Hex value without the # symbol.
  • The closing tag [-] is optional, omitting it will colorize the whole tooltip, not just the name

For example: for the container named Alchemist and the blue tooltip text seen in the picture:
— HTML Color code is #33BEFF and Engraving Tool text input will be [33BEFF]Alchemist

How-to set up a Custom Command[edit | edit source]

How-to create a custom hotbar button


We'll use the picture as an example

Steps to follow to create a custom hotbar button:

  • Type /custom in the chat.
    • This opens the CREATE CUSTOM COMMAND window seen in the picture
  • Type the slash command in the Command: text bar at the bottom of the window;
    • Important note: the prefix "/" of the slash command is omitted here
  • Click UPDATE ;
  • Choose an icon and drag it on your hotbar

Examples of /custom commands[edit | edit source]

Here are a few examples of slash commands used in chat compared to how they should be written in /custom to get the same result:

  • All follow me (or /say All follow me) → say All follow me
  • /useresource Bandageuseresource Bandage
  • /remountremount
  • /graballpetsgraballpets

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