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By playing on the Legends of Ultima (LoU) server and/or using the official discord you are agreeing to abide by the rules. The rules can and will change. You are responsible for keeping yourself up to date on the current rules at all times. Obey the spirit of the rules and ask staff before you do something if you are unsure if it’s within bounds.

You are personally responsible for the actions that happen on your account, even if someone else is using it. The LoU staff will never ask for your account password, and you should not share it with anyone.

Bans can be disputed by contacting the LOU Admins by email at All incidents are handled case-by-case, and disputing does not guarantee reversal or even a response.

Game Mechanics


1. Exploiting bugs, glitches or otherwise unintended behaviour is not allowed. Please report all bugs in-game (use /bug or press esc and use the menu).


2. Placing a house (or fencing in areas) in a protected zone (such as towns) or in a position that blocks players from accessing any pathways, dungeon entrances, landmasses or similar is not allowed. Other players must be able to, at least mostly, walk around your plot. In the case of a number of plots being connected together, and on the Celador map - as long as you can circumnavigate the connected plots (i.e. get around them from one side to the other in at least one direction) and no large land mass is blocked off, then this is considered fine. Ultimately, until the move to the Britannia map, discretion on this issue and its subtleties will remain with the staff.


3. Using multiple clients with or without automation at same time (i.e. multiboxing) for PvP combat is not allowed. Using multiple accounts or ghosts as spycams is not allowed.


4. Cross server and cross game trading is not allowed. This includes the trading of LoU items for official server (LoA) items.


5. Names that are sexually explicit, homophobic, racist, or discriminatory are potentially subject to a name change.

Communication and Player Conduct

LoU aims for a thriving inclusive community without toxicity and it is by that standard the rules will be enforced. These rules apply both to in-game chat and to the official discord channels.

  1. Hate speech or speech that is otherwise harassing, homophobic, threatening, sexist, racist or about real life illegal activities is not allowed.
  2. Spreading the real life world information on any player or staff member (doxxing) is strictly prohibited, regardless if it takes place outside of the game and official discord.
  3. Game-related 'shit talking' is no longer permitted within Discord or World Chat. Please engage in this activity via direct messages, your own Discord servers, or simply fight it out in game. What constitutes 'shit talking' remains at the discretion of the LoU staff.
  4. Advertising, promoting or soliciting any form of service or product is not allowed with the exception of in-game LoU services and items such as player vendors. This includes advertising other games or servers.
  5. Selling or trading in-game items or services for real world currency, items or services is not allowed (this includes an attempt to do so, even if a trade is not made).
  6. Impersonating Legends of Ultima or Legends of Aria staff either in-game, in discord or elsewhere is not allowed.
  7. Questions around the actions of staff are not to be discussed in public channels and is grounds for moderation and/or banning. If you wish to discuss any action that a staff member has taken either in game or in discord, you can send an email to
  8. From time to time, it may be necessary to moderate individuals in discord or in game chat, or force a name change on a player. While discretion will always be applied, there may be some scenarios not covered by these rules that prompt these actions. If you wish to discuss a matter involving moderation, email Staff will not discuss these matters via any other method, eg discord, pages, whispers, DM's or otherwise.