Resisting Spells

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Resisting Spells
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Skill Type Magic

Resisting Spells is a skill (sometimes known as Magic Resistance) that determines your ability to resist magical energy. The skill is vital for most, if not all, PvP character builds, though many PvE character builds also focus on Magic Resistance as well.

Although the name suggests that this skill will help with resisting all spell damage, this is not the case. This skill helps lessen the impact and severity of various harmful spells, and decreases the duration that negative buff spells (such as Clumsy) take effect. Certain spells, such as Poison and Mana Vampire, can be completely resisted. Further, Magic Resistance lessens the impact of harmful spells, such as Explosion and Flamestrike; it does not completely resist damage.

Calcuations[edit | edit source]

A players chance to resist magical energy is calculated by comparing their Resisting Spells skill to the Magery of their attacker, as well as the level of difficulty of the spell he/she is casting (i.e. Spell Circle). This assures that it is always more difficult to resist a Flamestrike spell as opposed to resisting a Magic Arrow, as the Spell Circle is included in the Chance To Resist formula. Further, it also gives a clear advantage towards having higher levels of Magery, as even a Fireball can become extremely deadly when it is being thrown from a Grandmaster mage!

The Chance To Resist is calculated via the following formulas; your chance to resist a spell is the greater value derived from either formula:

ChanceToResist = MagicResistance / 5
ChanceToResist = MagicResistance - ((AttackerMagery - 20) / 5 + SpellCircle * 5)

This ensures that there will always be a minimum chance to resist a spell (your resistance / 5). This is necessary so that it is still possible to advance the skill at lower levels.

In addition, this information tells the mage that they don't necessarily always have to use the highest possible spell at their disposal: if they know their opponent well enough to have a grasp of his/her magical resistance, spells from lower Spell Circles can be used with equal effectiveness.

All remaining damage is then calculated using the following equations:

Damage = (1 + (AttackerEvalInt - MagicResistance) / 200)

Damage = (1 + (AttackerEvalInt - MagicResistance) / 500)

Town bonus[edit | edit source]

When training Resisting Spells in the city of Moonglow, you will benefit from an extra 10% in skill gain.

Training[edit | edit source]

Raising Magic Resistance boils down to getting pummeled with harmful spells repeatedly until GM.

However, it is recommended that players with 0 skill learn Magic Resistance from the Skill Trainer from Gaynor the Mage in any magery shop.

  • 0-30: Skill Trainer
  • 30-55: Fire Field
  • 55-~80.1: Energy Bolt (based on your Magery)
  • ~80.1-95: Flamestrike (based on your Magery)
  • 95-100: Earthquake