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Reputation is a system that measures your notoriety by allocating a title to your character based on your level of Fame and Karma.


  • The minimum fame you can have is 0. The maximum fame you can have is 15,000
  • Fame gains are received upon the killing of any mob, assuming your fame level is lower than the mob
  • Fame is lost after death - when you resurrect, you will lose 10% of your current fame
  • Upon reaching 10,000 Fame you will be granted the Lord or Lady title. Should you already have Lord or Lady in your name you can page a GM to have your name changed, so it does not read Lord Lord <name> (or maybe you like it that way!)


  • The minimum karma you can have is -15,000. The maximum karma you can have is 15,000
  • You gain positive karma by killing monsters, negative karma by killing blue mobs, and animals are neutral, i.e. no loss or gain
  • The amount of karma that you gain or lose depends on the mob. All mobs use a dynamic system, based on the mobs dynamic stats.
  • You can gain or lose karma via PvP, it takes your karma and the opponents karma into account
  • You also lose karma for certain actions, summon daemon, begging, poisoning, stealing and snooping
  • The amount of karma you lose by performing an action is dependent on your current karma level. So casting Summon Daemon with a high current positive karma will result in a greater loss than someone that casts it and has a current negative karma
  • You can lock your karma so that it no longer gains positive karma. There is no lock preventing negative karma. You would lock it if you wanted to hunt mobs but still continue to have negative karma
  • You can go to a shrine or wandering healing if you want to manually lock your karma
  • Karma will automatically lock if you go below zero karma
  • To unlock your karma you need to visit a shrine or wandering healer. The cost to unlock is 1gp per negative point of karma
Fame and Karma / Reputation Titles
Points Fame Titles Shown Titles Shown
0 to 1,249 1,250 to 2,499 2,500 to 4,999 5,000 to 9,999 10,000 and above
Karma 10,000 and above Trustworthy Estimable Great Glorious Glorious Lord/Lady
9,999 to 5,000 Honest Commendable Famed Illustrious Illustrious Lord/Lady
4,999 to 2,500 Good Honorable Admirable Noble Noble Lord/Lady
2,499 to 1,250 Kind Respectable Proper Eminent Eminent Lord/Lady
1,249 to 625 Fair Upstanding Reputable Distinguished Distinguished Lord/Lady
624 to -624 No Title Notable Prominent Renowned Lord/Lady
-625 to -1,249 Rude Disreputable Notorious Infamous Dishonored Lord/Lady
-1,250 to -2,499 Unsavory Dishonorable Ignoble Sinister Sinister Lord/Lady
-2,500 to -4,999 Scoundrel Malicious Vile Villainous Dark Lord/Lady
-5,000 to -9,999 Despicable Dastardly Wicked Evil Evil Lord/Lady
-10,000 and below Outcast Wretched Nefarious Dread Dread Lord/Lady

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