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IconV Provocation.png
Skill Type Bard

General[edit | edit source]

Provocation is one of the several Bard skills available in Legends of Ultima. It is considered one of the most powerful skills in the game, as the master Bard can provoke creatures and monsters to fight one another.

Having 100 skill in each of the 3 specialized music skills or having a slayer flute, each give 50% more threat/aggro (max 200% with provocation/peacemaking/discordance/slayer flute), allowing you to pile on more damage before the mob aggros on you (if your threat level becomes too high). The bonus from each skill and the slayer flute stack.

Use[edit | edit source]

Provocation requires Musicianship in order to successfully perform.

To use the Provocation skill, right-click an instrument and select 'Provocation' and then select the desired target you wish to provoke to fight another creature or monster. Upon a successful Provocation attempt, the creature first targeted will begin attacking your desired target. Beware, as an unsuccessful Provocation attempt will cause the creatures/monsters to seek a new target elsewhere....YOU!

Alternatively, it is possible create a /custom macro for /provo, which can then be placed onto the hotbar and selected for use more quickly.

Bard Range Bonus[edit | edit source]

For each bard skill that is 100, the distance range requirement is increased to a slightly higher range as a perk to grandmasters of the class.

Raising Provocation[edit | edit source]

You can either train provocation by provoking NPCs in dungeons and collecting a lot of gold in the process, or by afk macroing. If you choose the latter, you should build an area with fences (a "U" shaped area) to trap an animal, and when the animal enters the area, move to block the entrance with yourself, get off your horse, and order the horse to stay there, as you walk away and use provocation on the trapped animal, and yourself (standing outside the house plot, in order to NOT receive a 50% skill gain penalty from house macroing). It is adviced, however, that you train musicianship to GM or close to GM before starting provocation. But be aware that other players will probably kill you if they find you doing this, so it's probably not a bad idea to train provocation directly by profiting of it, on a dungeon.