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Skill Type Combat / Rogue

Subtler than an impaling sword, poisoning food and drink has long been a method of choice for the discerning assassin. For those with a flair for the dramatic, Poison can be applied to the blade of a fencing or one-handed swordsmanship weapon to swiftly bring an enemy to defeat in battle. A weapon that has been poisoned can be used by anyone and has a chance to poison a target with each hit.

Poison Strengths[edit | edit source]

All poisons last for roughly 60 seconds. They will only do damage after the first cycle. So for example Deadly Poison will deal damage 10 seconds after it has been applied.

Poison Strength Poison Text Duration vs Player Damage vs Monster Damage Misc Info
Lesser Poison "You feel a bit nauseous..." / "looks ill" Every 2 seconds for 30 seconds 4-7% of current health 4-8 Best used for keeping a target interrupted
Regular Poison "You feel disoriented and nauseous." / "looks extremely ill" Every 3 seconds for 30 seconds 5-10% of current health 9-14
Greater Poison "You begin to feel pain through out your body." / "stumbles around in pain and confusion" Every 4 seconds for 40 seconds 7-15% of current health 14-20
Deadly Poison "You feel extremely weak and are in severe pain." / "wracked with extreme pain" Every 5 seconds for 60 seconds 15-30% of current health 30-55 Once the target is under 55% total hp, each poison pulse that deals 25+ damage will also deal as much stamina damage.
Lethal Poison "Your are in extreme pain, and require immediate aid." / "begins to spasm uncontrollably" Every 5 seconds for 80 seconds 16-33% of current health 50-80 As Deadly Poison. Players can not apply Lethal Poison.

Training[edit | edit source]

The recommended type of poison to use for training is:

  • 0 - 30: Train at the Thief GuildMaster in Buccaneer's Den or Britian
  • 30 - 40: Apply Lesser Poison
  • 40 - 70: Apply Poison
  • 70 - GM: Apply Greater Poison

How to Poison a Weapon[edit | edit source]

Have a bladed weapon, poison potions and oil cloths (made with Tailoring), as well as cure potions.

Poison the weapon, then wipe the weapon with an oil cloth, then drink a cure poison (if necessary). The fastest way is to have an alchemyst on a second account, crafting poison potions on a crafting bag next to you, and trading it with your poisoner for the bag with empty bottles from a previous round.

Poisoned Weapons[edit | edit source]

Any one-handed Fencing or Swordsmanship weapon can be poisoned.

Two-handed weapons, Mace Fighting weapons and arrows cannot be poisoned.

Weapons get a number of "poison charges" depending on the poison applied.

  • Deadly - 12 charges
  • Greater - 14 charges
  • Regular - 16 charges
  • Lesser - 18 charges
  • Potent Deadly - 20 charges (of Deadly strength)

To check how many poison charges are left on a weapon requires at least 75 Arms Lore skill. Re-applying poison to a blade will reset the charges.

On hit, poisoned weapons have a 25% chance to apply a charge with 100 Anatomy skill, which can't be resisted.

The weapon has a 50% chance to not lose a poisoning charge if all of the below occur:

  • the weapon hits the target
  • the poison fails to apply to the target (75% chance with 100 Anatomy skill)
  • the wielder of the weapon has GM Poisoning

Weapons take durability damage when a poison is applied to them and when the weapon applies poison on a target.

Magic Poison[edit | edit source]

Along with the ability to poison weapons and food, higher levels of this skill improve the effectiveness of the Poison and Poison Field spells.

The formula to determine the level of poisoning on the Poison and Poison Field spells is: (Magery + Poisoning)/2

GM Magery and GM Poisoning will have the following affects, based on the poisoner's range to the victim:

  • If you are under 1 pace from your target you have a 100% chance to cast a greater poison, and 15% for a deadly poison.
  • If you are under 2 paces from your target you have a 100% chance to cast a greater poison, and 10% for a deadly poison.
  • If you are under 6 paces from your target you have an 80% chance to cast a greater poison.
  • If you are at max poison spell range from your target you have a 60% chance to cast a greater poison.

GM Magery and 0 Poisoning:

  • If you are under 1 pace from your target you have a 100% chance to cast a regular poison, and 15% for a greater poison.
  • If you are under 2 paces from your target you have a 100% chance to cast a regular poison, and 10% for a greater poison.

Poison Resistance[edit | edit source]

Poisoning skill grants a natural poison resistance which is 20% of the player's poisoning skill.

This resistance reduces the amount of damage taken when poisoned, it does not reduce the chance to be poisoned. Resisting the Poison spell with Magic Resistance gives you a 20% chance to lower the poison level by one rank (eg. from Deadly Poison to Greater Poison).

Curing Poison[edit | edit source]

The chance to cure poisons with Magery, Healing or Veterinary are the same.

The formula for curing poison is: (1.5 - (Poison Level * 0.25)) * Cure Skill * 0.01

At 100 cure skill:

  • Lesser or Regular Poison is always cured
  • Greater Poison is 75%
  • Deadly Poison is 50%
  • Lethal Poison is 25%

Chance to cure with cure potions, in order of poison strength (lesser, regular, greater, deadly, lethal):

  • Lesser cure potion: (75%, 50%, 25%, 0%, 0%)
  • Regular cure potion: (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 0%)
  • Greater cure potion: (100%, 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%)

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