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Skill Type Bard

General[edit | edit source]

Peacemaking is one of several Bard skills available in Legends of Ultima. It allows the bard to play soothing music to calm creatures and monsters, preventing any further fighting.

Peacemaking is extremely useful when paired with Animal Taming, as players can calm aggressive creatures prior to attempting to tame them.

Formulas[edit | edit source]

Duration[edit | edit source]

With 100 Peacemaking, the duration is increased to:

10 second bonus + 20 seconds base duration + 10 seconds (if GM Discordance) + 10 seconds (if GM Provocation) +/- 10 seconds if you have the correct slayer flute or not.

This gives a maximum duration of 10s + 20s + 2 X 10s + 10s = 60s

Chance to Wake on Damage[edit | edit source]

If a mob is hit for over 50 damage:

Up to 60% chance - maximum of 10% scaling up with Peacemaking skill level - 10% (if GM Discordance) - 10% (if GM Provocation) +/- 10% if you have the correct slayer flute or not. This gives a minimum break chance on damage over 50 of 60% - 10% - 2 X 10% - 10% = 20%

Use[edit | edit source]

Peacemaking requires Musicianship in order to successfully perform. Upon a successful Peacemaking attempt, the creature will become 'calm', preventing them from targetting the player, performing melee damage, and casting spells.

To use the Peacemaking skill, right-click an instrument and select 'Peacemaking' and then select the desired target.

Alternatively, it is possible create a /custom macro for /peace, which can then be placed onto the hotbar and selected for use more quickly.

Bard Range Bonus[edit | edit source]

For each bard skill that is 100, the distance range requirement is increased to a slightly higher range as a perk to grandmasters of the class.