Patch 12/8/2019

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Bola Revert

- The most recent Bola changes have been reverted
- This reduces the success chance to hit the target from 100% back to 66%
- This also increases the cooldowns from 6s back to 10s 

Plot Deco Changes

- Can no longer decorate locked down objects rotating or moving them outside of the plot bounds 
- Items that are detected out of the bounds will be automatically moved back inside the plot 
- There is now a reasonable min/max limit on lowering/raising objects on a plot
- NOTE: An autofix has occurred that checked all objects on plots to be out of bounds and has automatically moved offending items inwards towards the plot so not to be extending out of bounds; because of this, some of your decorations or fence pieces may need to be re-positioned 
- GARDENING NOTE: Plants from gardening now require users to be at least friend to use/harvest the plants due to the deco autofix  

Ban List

- Targets that are banned are now prevented from re-entering the plot automatically 
- New tab in the Plot Menu has been added to manage Bans 

Smelting, Milling, Scissors

- Salvaging has been redesigned from scratch to be more like UO    
- You should be able to salvage anything that can be crafted
- To Smelt something simply double click a forge -OR- use the E ability on a Pickaxe
- To Mill/Chop something use the E ability on a Hatchet 
- To cut cloth objects, use a pair of scissors
- You can now salvage items that are on the ground, in your pack animal, or in your inventory, as long as you have access to pick it up
- You can now salvage items bought from a town vendor, but will receive a greatly reduced amount of resources from them, and no chance to gain skill
- You can now automatically attempt to salvage objects inside of a container, just target a container or yourself to choose backpack
- Wooden & Wood Kite shields have been moved to Carpentry recipes and now use wood to craft and are salvageable   


- Repairing of equipment will now be done via the crafting menu 
- Applicable crafting stations now have a "Repair" button in their menu 

Disguise Kits

- Thief Disguise Kit & Orc Body Kits have been optimized and should work much more reliably 
- Orc Body Kit is now blessed
- Orc Body Kit will no longer become locked down on use 


- Skinning has been redesigned from scratch to be more like UO 
- All bladed weapons and the skinning knife can be used to:
    - cut corpses to instantly create the meat/hides inside the corpse 
    - cut whole fish, on the ground or in our inventory, into fish fillets
- Bladed weapons have "Toggle Default" option to set the default double click action:     
    - Use: double click and target something to skin 
    - Equip: double click to equip the weapon 
- Right clicking a corpse, choosing harvest will check your inventory recursively for a blade to use to skin it

Treasure Hunting

- Players will now be required to kill all monsters spawned from a treasure chest before being able to loot from the chest