Patch 10/27/2020

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These changes are currently present on Test Center, and after testing will graduate to the live server.

These changes are now on the live server.

Bard abilities have had an optimization pass

- An issue causing monsters that have been provoked to continue attacking the bard instead has been resolved, mostly

- You can now Provoke beings against players or pets although it may be a criminal action

- You can now directly pacify players and pets with Peacemaking although it may be a criminal action

- Pacifying a player will simply remove them from war-mode state; pacified pets will be treated similarly to monsters causing them to freeze for a short time

- You can now perform an Area Peacemaking by activating the skill and targeting yourself to pacify to all nearby enemies (skips targets that would cause a criminal action)

- Peacemaking and Provocation effects will now break on mobs if the bard goes out of range or becomes hidden [see next line] or unavailable

- Bards with 75 points or more of Hiding will be able to hide without breaking the effects

- Monsters that have been influenced by a bard's song will be more inclined to aggro against the bard when the effect(s) break

- Equippable instruments will no longer default to Equip when double-clicking it in some cases

- Equippable instruments now act as a weapon using Wrestling skill

- Instruments context option "Play" replaced with "Use" to play the instrument to practice Musicianship skill

- Bard/instrument cooldowns will now appear as an icon at the top to help indicate when you can play another song

Mobile collision

- Walking directly over/through a mob will cause a moment of movement slowness for 'shoving' them out of the way

- Mobs that have been shoved will play an animation to indicate that they have been shoved, but otherwise are unaffected

- When walking through an invisible player/pet will alert you to shoving "something invisible"

- Icon appears at top after you shove someone to indicate movement slowness