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The Orc guild is for players who wish to roleplay as orcs.

Reputation[edit | edit source]

Orc guild members have the following reputation changes affect them.

  • Orc guild members are always red as if they were a monster rather than a murderer. This prevents Orcs from receiving stat loss, unless they accrue murder counts as usual.

Joining the Orc Guild[edit | edit source]

Joining the Orc guild is not like joining a regular guild. Once you join and become an orc, you cannot leave and become a human again - joining is permanent.

To join the Orc guild you must be invited by an Orc Officer. Look for the post in the LOU Discord Guild Recruiting Channel for them. Once invited, your character's skin will turn green and your name will turn red. You are now Ork Kin!

There are multiple Orc Camps (and Guildstones) located at:

  • Mt Aris, South of Magincia
  • near Vesper

Roleplaying an Orc[edit | edit source]

It is preferred that the candidate for the Orc guild is a new character. The Orc's name should be in Orcish.

It is an essential requirement that anyone in the guild roleplays as an orc to the best of their ability at all times, including - and especially - with the way they communicate to other players.

  • Most Orcs tend to stay close to their camps, not wandering where other orcs do not live.
  • Orcs do not get involved with human factions.
  • Orcs tend to trade within their community, and make efforts to be self sufficient.
  • Few Orcs use magic, most Orcs prefer the bow and arrow.

Animation Issues[edit | edit source]

Certain graphics may appear incorrectly, such as wielding a bow and consequently, no bow shooting animation. No chopping tree animation, but the axe does show in hand albeit backwards.

These are missing animations of the orc asset itself, and will likely continue to be a longstanding issue.