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  • Veteran Rewards
  • Dye-tubs
  • Commodity Deed Boxes
  • Soul-stones
  • Power Hour & Town Skill Bonuses
  • Pet Brokers


  • Veteran Rewards:
    • Rewards given to players based on their account age, 1 item per year
    • All Vet Reward items can only be used by players that meet the age requirements
    • Pops-up on login, or type /vetrewards to view menu
    • Note: Account ages did not start being recorded on LOU until around 4/27/18, so if you started on LOU prior to then, your created-on date will be on or after 04/27/18
  • Dye-tubs:
    • New dye-tub and dyes artwork added
    • Preexisting dye-tubs will be converted over to the new artwork and functionality, please note if the dye-tub is in your backpack when you first log in after this patch the dye-tub may temporarily appear extra-large until you re-log again
    • Regular dye-tubs have been reworked with new color tables and functionality
    • Regular dye-tubs will now apply some of the selected color each time you dye something to allow combining of colors or to get different shades of colors
    • New Dye-tub Additions (Veteran Rewards Only):
    • Black Dye-tub: For dying clothes black
    • Leather Dye-tub: Allows you to dye leather armor
    • Rune Dye-tub: Allows you to dye runes and rune-books
    • Furniture Dye-tub: Allows you to dye furniture that is locked down on your plot
    • Dyes item: A dyes item has been added that will be used to change the color of a dye-tub
    • Note: we may have missed some cases of items in terms of being able to dye them; if you find an item that you'd expect to be dye-able and it's not, please send in a bug report
  • Commodity Deed Boxes:
    • Commodity deeds have changed slightly and they will now only allow adding/removing items from a deed when the deed is either in your bank, or in a commodity deed box (vet reward)
    • Commodity Deed Box:
    • Allows you to add/remove to commodity deeds on a house plot
    • Comes as a house add-on deed to be placed on a house plot
    • Can only place a commodity deed and resources into the box
  • Soul-stones:
    • Soul-stone and Soul-stone Shard (single-use) has been added
      • Allows you to store a skill to the item, removing it from the character for later re-claiming
      • Bound to account, can only be used by a character on the same account
      • Can be used on alternative character on the account to transfer skill from one char to another
      • Soul-stone Shard is single use and will consume after re-claiming stored skill points
      • Soul-stone Shard is available to purchase on Jeweler vendors for 1,000,000gp
  • Power Hour:
    • Players receive a skill bonus that stacks with other bonuses
    • Power Hour is self-triggered, pops up on login or right click self to activate/check status
    • Has 22 hour cool-down after it expires, allowing for daily use
    • Stacks with other skill bonuses
  • Town Skill Bonuses:
    • Only applies to designated skills for certain towns (read more)
    • Players receive a skill bonus when they are inside of a town
  • Pet Brokers:
    • Player vendor that sells pets
    • Stores same amount of pets as your stables
    • Players are allowed 1 per account
    • Multiple pet brokers can be placed on a house plot
    • Charges a fee up front to add a pet, plus 5% commission
    • Can be locked down and price/commission set just like regular vendor deeds
  • Pet Caching:
    • Is being replaced by the Pet Broker vendor
    • Existing pets in deeds can be retrieved once again
    • Caching pets is permanently disabled
    • Existing pet deeds will remain indefinitely to allow for people to claim the pets

For testing purposes, we've added 2 new commands for players to use on Test Center only:

  • /setage - set the account creation date, uses MM/DD/YYYY format (Note: it may take up to 1 minute for the new age to be reflected in the Veteran Rewards menu)
  • /resetvet - resets the AlreadyClaimed amount on the account to allow claiming more rewards