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Ocllo is the Farming capital of the world, found in south-west Southern Hills.

Location on Map[edit | edit source]

From the moongate, take the ferry to reach the city. Note, this costs 2 Gold.png gp.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Locations Table[edit | edit source]

Mini-map Location Location Vendors Other POI
1 Cotton Farms
2 Gardening Broker Gardening broker
3 Inn & Tavern Barmaid
4 Stable Master Stable master
5 Bank Bank
6 Carpenter & Tailor Shop Carpenter, Weaver Carpentry Table, Loom
7 General Store Trader
8 Farmer Farmer
9 Fish Broker Fish broker
10 Alchemy and Mage Shop Alchemist, Mage Alchemy Table, Inscription Table
11 Blacksmith Blacksmith Anvil, Forge
12 Healer Healer(walks around)
13 Training Area Skill trainer Training Dummy

The archway teleporter to the Buccaneer's Den area can be found to the east of Ocllo's bank, near the mountain.

Unique Vendors[edit | edit source]

  • the Gardening Broker, selling Gardening items cheaper and in higher quantities than usual.
  • the Beekeeper

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