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The criminal system aka Notoriety System has been reworked from scratch to a more UO-like experience.

Criminals and Murderers[edit | edit source]

  • Before you engage in something that may turn you criminal, you will be presented with a confirmation window; Around the mini-map frame you will see a button to toggle Notoriety Confirmations
  • Players have 3 states of Notoriety as determined by the player's name color: Innocent (blue), Criminal (gray) or Murderer (red)
  • If an innocent player is attacked by a player or pet, the attacker is subject to criminal punishment
  • Criminal punishment includes a 2 minute out-of-combat cool-down that turns the attacker gray, and allows anyone to attack and kill them freely, turning the attacker back to blue after the cool-down ends
  • Below the Minimap will show if you are In Combat or Criminal
  • Looting the corpse of an innocent player is considered a criminal action
  • Beneficial acts towards a criminal or murderer is considered a criminal action and will be punished
  • When an innocent player is killed they are given a chance to report all recent participants in the battle as Murderer and add 1 Murder Count against them
  • If a player receives 5 or more Murder Counts, their name will be reflected as red and they are now known as a murderer
  • Each murder count lasts for 40 hours that must be recovered while logged in; every time a new count is added, the timer starts over
  • You can say the sentence i must consider my sins to see how many counts you have and how long they have to expire
  • Murderers can enter towns without repercussion from guards (as in UO Publish 24, from 2004), however they cannot interact with vendors and can be attacked on sight by other players. They may defend themselves freely if so attacked.

Murderer Stat-Loss[edit | edit source]

  • Murderers that die will receive 8 in-game hours of temporary Stat Loss
  • The 8 hour duration can have more time stacked on top of it with subsequent deaths
  • The Stat Loss consists of a 50% debuff to Str/Dex/Int stats
  • Stat Loss does not apply when fighting against players or pets of the same group, guild, or faction
  • Time served for Stat Loss is only counted for minutes played, and not the time since it began

Forgiveness Deeds[edit | edit source]

  • Notoriety Forgiveness deeds can be used to clear your Murderer Status and erase all Murder Counts, turning you blue
  • Stat-Loss Forgiveness deeds can be used to remove 8 hours from the current Stat-Loss punishment

Dragon Breath & AOE Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Will not damage yourself or your pets or any targets that would cause criminal actions

Notoriety Exemptions[edit | edit source]

  • Players that are both inside of a Dueling Arena will be exempt from criminal actions/murder counts
  • Members of opposing factions, members of a guild, and members of a group are all exempt from performing negative actions on each other, so you can attack, kill, and loot each other freely
  • Beneficial acts in these groups will still depend on the target's notoriety; so if you are blue and you heal a gray group-mate, you will be performing a criminal action.
  • A player that is not in a faction cannot perform beneficial acts on another player that is in a faction.

Guards[edit | edit source]

  • Guards will kill criminals and their pets that are caught performing criminal acts inside protected areas
  • If no guard is present nearby, you must call the Guards to your defense
  • Say guards to summon Guards (upper/lowercase does not matter)
  • NPCs will call the Guards for you if they witness a crime (no longer requires Line of Sight)
  • Criminals and murderers may not call the Guards in any scenario

Young Players[edit | edit source]

If you are a Young player and you perform a criminal action you will immediately lose your Young player status.

Young players are not protected from murderers.

Quick Travel[edit | edit source]

  • Players that are In Combat while criminal or having at least 1 murder count will be prevented from using the spells Recall & Gate Travel, and unable to use teleporters or moongates, excluding dungeon teleporters
  • "In Combat" is defined as the 2-minute period after being in a fight; if you take damage or deal damage to a pet or player, this timer refreshes.
  • You can see the in-combat status below the mini-map

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