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Skill Type Magic


- Ancient meditative mantra

General[edit | edit source]

Meditation allows a character to increase the rate at which they regenerate mana. Mana is a powerful substance that is used while casting spells, and also during inscription. Without mana, a mage or a scribe is useless.

Although simply having some skill in meditation is enough to improve mana regeneration, it is also possible to use the skill directly. If successful, overall regeneration rate will double until the meditative trance is broken.

A meditative trance is broken if the individual moves, is attacked, or performs other actions.

Mana regeneration is governed both by an individuals skill in meditation, as well as their overall intelligence. It is then lowered depending on their current armor.

Formula[edit | edit source]

The following formula outlines mana regeneration rate:

   Mana Regeneration Ratio = 7 - ( 239 x [Intelligence + Meditation] / 4800 ) + ( 19 x [( [Intelligence + Meditation] / 2 ) ^ 2] / 48000 ) + ( AR Weight / 5 )
   If Mana Regeneration Ratio > 7 then Mana Regeneration Ratio = 7
   Mana regenerated per second = 1 / Mana Regeneration Ratio

This formula is from UO 98 server code decompilation done by Derrik from UO SA[1].

The AR weight uses the armor AR value from your paper doll for each slot equipped. It then goes through this formula:

   AR Weight = Displayed AR for heavy armor (any ring, chain or plate) or Displayed AR / 2 for light armor (any leather or studded)

The mana regeneration will be reduced depending on each part of equipment being worn. The rest of this article is mostly from stratics meditation guide[2]

Passive meditation[edit | edit source]

The automatic process of gaining back lost mana is called passive meditation. You do not have to do anything to let this happen. The limits of passive meditation are as follows:

The slowest possible passive regeneration speed of 1 mana point regained every 7 seconds applies to characters dressed in full plate armor or characters with 0 intelligence and 0 meditation skill.

The highest possible passive regeneration speed of 1 mana point regained every second applies to characters dressed in cloth (or nothing) with 100 intelligence and 100 meditation skill.

Between those minimum and maximum rates use the formula above to calculate the current mana regeneration rate.

Active meditation[edit | edit source]

Active meditation is a skill that has to be started by clicking on the skill icon in the skill book, or using a custom player made hotkey.

If the skill check passes then a sound effect can be heard and you will start to meditate. The following messages can be given:

  • "You are at peace". Your mana level is already at its maximum.
  • "You cannot focus your concentration". The skill check failed.
  • "Regenerative forces cannot penetrate your armor". You are wearing too much armor to meditate actively.
  • "You enter a meditative trance". The skill check passed and you start to meditate actively.

The active mana regeneration rate is double that of the passive regeneration rate, taking into consideration the armor worn, your intelligence and your meditation skill.

The maximum possible regeneration rate is 2 mana points per second.

While meditating you cannot perform any action. If an action is performed then a message "You stop meditating" is given and active meditation stops. Mana regeneration rate then drops back to the passive meditation level.

The failure or success of active meditation is influenced by the type of armor that you wear. To make sure you can use active meditation try to keep the AR of your armor low.

The only armour that allows active meditation is leather.

Town bonus[edit | edit source]

When training Meditation in the city of Moonglow, you will benefit from an extra 10% in skill gain.

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