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IconV Lumberjacking.png
Skill Type Gathering / Crafting

Stand before a tree and gaze upward. Do you see leaves? Jagged limbs? Branches? The skilled lumberjack may gaze at the same tree and see buildings and towers and finely carved wooden goods.

Skill Use[edit | edit source]

Lumberjacking governs your ability to successfully harvest logs from trees scattered throughout the realm. In order to harvest wood from a tree, a Lumberjack requires a Hatchet equipped, and must use the Lumberjack special ability. A target will appear, and the player will need to select the tree they wish to harvest from.

At lower levels of Lumberjacking, trees provide plain wood logs. Continue using the Lumberjack special ability to raise the skill. As a character's skill in Lumberjacking improves, so does their chance of successfully harvesting different types of lumber from a tree.

Trees are designated a specific type of wood on spawn and the lumberjack will not know which type of wood it has until they successfully chop it and receive the logs.

Using a Hatchet, a Lumberjack can chop down trees to Logs, which can then be used to produce wooden Boards.

A player with low Lumberjacking skill will only be able to harvest plain wood at first. However, as they gain skill, they will then be able to gather other wood types.

Boards are used by Carpenters and Fletchers alike, as they are a required resource in order to craft goods.

Making Boards[edit | edit source]

Boards can be created from Logs by using the Mill special ability.

Colored Logs require higher levels of Lumberjacking to harvest and trim down into Boards.

Unlike creating ingots, there is no chance of failure and lost resources when creating Boards. However, the player must have the required Lumberjacking in order to create Boards of an appropriate level.

Wood Lumberjacking
Plain 0
Oak 65
Ash 75
Yew 85
Bloodwood 95
Heartwood 95
Frostwood 95

Leveling Statistics[edit | edit source]

The below table shows the approximate numbers needed to harvest to hit GM Lumberjacking. This is from starting at 30 skill. Percentages will change if done at higher skill levels.

Plain 12023 65.3%
Apple 1551 8.4%
Kindling 1525 8.3%
Oak 1440 7.8%
Ash 532 2.9%
Frost 448 2.4%
Yew 437 2.4%
Blood 391 2.1%
Heart 75 0.4%
Total 18422

Damage Bonus[edit | edit source]

The Lumberjacking skill provides a damage bonus in PvE (against monsters only) when wielding axes.

The damage bonus is calculated using the following formulas:

  • Lumberjacking Skill < 100.0

LumberjackingDamageBonus = LumberjackingSkillLevel / 5

  • Lumberjacking Skill = 100.0

LumberjackingDamageBonus = (LumberjackingSkillLevel / 5) + 10

GM Lumberjacking provides a +30% damage bonus against monsters.

Ancient Trees[edit | edit source]

Occasionally while chopping trees, a message will come up saying "You have found an Ancient Tree!"

Ancient trees yield twice as many logs (2 or 4 logs instead of 1 or 2 logs), but still no more kindling or apples than usual.