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Housing in Legends of Ultima is a system that allows players to purchase a land deed, along with a home, and place it on an available plot of land somewhere in the world. To do so, the player must first purchase a land deed from a NPC architect, then travel to the desired area and place the plot of land. It is not necessary to build a house on the plot, however houses are also available at the same vendor. Note that house plots must be of significant size to contain the house you choose to purchase. Generally, you want the plot to be slightly larger than the size of the house.

The various house sizes are covered in a table below.

Players are currently limited to one house per account.

Decay[edit | edit source]

Houses are subject to decay after a period of disuse. Houses can be refreshed by either using a door/gate, or using the Refresh Plot button from the plot control menu (at the mailbox) to refresh it.

If a house is left abandoned for a long enough period of time, it will be removed from the map to free up space for other players. Currently all houses have a max decay time of 30 to 32 days from the most recent refresh.

The stages of decay, noted on the house sign and the mailbox, are:

  • Like New
  • Slightly Worn
  • Somewhat Worn
  • Greatly Worn
  • In Danger of Collapse (IDOC)

Types of Houses[edit | edit source]

There are currently 32 available housing variations, each with its own unique feel and available space. Please see the tables below for more information.

Houses can be previewed by going to the teleporter inside the Architect shop in Britain (there's a teleporter that goes back to Britain), or walking to the area far, far north-east of Nujel'm.

You can also view what most houses look like at the Legends of Aria page.

= north/south only= east/west only

Wood Stone Terracotta Tudor
House Wood House Tudor House
Cottage Wood Cottage House Stone Cottage House Terracotta Cottage House
Mayor Wood Mayor House Tudor Mayor House
Lodge Stone Lodge House Terracotta Lodge House
Blacksmith Wood Blacksmith House Stone Blacksmith House Tudor Blacksmith House
Mahogany Wood Mahogany House Tudor Mahogany House
Tuscan Stone Tuscan House Terracotta Tuscan House
Oak Wood Oak House Tudor Oak House
Birch Wood Birch House Tudor Birch House
Manor Stone Manor House Terracotta Manor House Tudor Manor House
Double Stone Double House Terracotta Double House
Villa Stone Villa House Terracotta Villa House
Tavern Wooden Tavern Tudor Tavern
Estate Stone Estate House Terracotta Estate House Tudor Estate House
Name Type Subtype Area (m²) Plot Size (m²) Cost (GP)
Wood House Wood House 7x9 33,171
Wood Cottage House Wood Cottage 13x15 58,049
Wood Blacksmith House Wood Blacksmith 27x23 124,341
Wood Mahogany House Wood Mahogany 10x15 197,703
Wood Oak House Wood Oak 18x22 356,996
Wood Birch House Wood Birch 15x15 465,768
Wood Mayor House Wood Mayor 22x17 887,532
Wooden Tavern Wood Tavern 22x23 1,570,105
Stone Lodge House Stone Lodge 25x23 88,815
Stone Blacksmith House Stone Blacksmith 22x18 131,802
Stone Tuscan House Stone Tuscan 17x11 285,597
Stone Manor House Stone Manor 24x22 580,342
Stone Cottage House Stone Cottage 17x13 725,427
Stone Double House Stone Double 28x19 979,326
Stone Villa House Stone Villa 20x15 1,297,607
Stone Estate House Stone Estate 28x22 1,958,549
Terracotta Lodge House Terracotta Lodge 25x23 87,074
Terracotta Tuscan House Terracotta Tuscan 17x11 279,997
Terracotta Cottage House Terracotta Cottage 17x13 343,925
Terracotta Manor House Terracotta Manor 24x22 557,582
Terracotta Double House Terracotta Double 28x19 906,784
Terracotta Villa House Terracotta Villa 20x15 1,224,158
Terracotta Estate House Terracotta Estate 28x22 1,780,499
Tudor Blacksmith House Tudor Blacksmith 27x23 128,071
Tudor House Tudor House 19x23 254,543
Tudor Mahogany House Tudor Mahogany 10x15 203,634
Tudor Oak House Tudor Oak 18x22 364,136
Tudor Birch House Tudor Birch 15x15 455,170
Tudor Mayor House Tudor Mayor 22x17 974,356
Tudor Manor House Tudor Manor 28x24 1,427,368
Tudor Tavern Tudor Tavern 22x23 1,570,105
Tudor Estate House Tudor Estate 28x32 1,648,610

House Placement[edit | edit source]

There are certain areas where houses cannot be placed. Hold CTRL to check for plot markers. Placing a house automatically places invisible plot markers with other houses and Moongates; these cannot overlap.

You can also use the /canplace command to tell if the spot you're standing on is considered an invalid housing region. This should only be used as a guide as it does not guarantee that all 4 corners of the house will land in valid spots.

Depending on the terrain, there are times when a house cannot be placed even if the plot size is correct for the blueprint. Sometimes having a slightly larger plot size or changing the direction of house placement helps to place the house.

LoU GMs and Staff are unable to assist with plot or house placement.

If you commit to a plot size and find that it does not fit you may be forced to move to a different location. There is no refund for the expansion of a plot, only the land deed will be refunded. Please do your best to make sure that you are happy with the plot location and size before committing.

Houses cannot be placed:

  • Too close to a road
  • Too close to a Moongate
  • Inside any cemetery
  • In any protected zones
  • Anywhere that blocks access to points of interest, impacts mob spawns or game content
  • Where it blocks access from others being able to access their house
  • On cliffs, in water, in caves or other locations where housing is not intended to be placed

If you place a house or a plot in an area that is determined to be a location where you should not place, you may get a visit from one of the Britannia Zoning Commissioners. These guys are there to warn you and to give you an opportunity to pack up and move your house. They are not there to start a debate about the location. Once you see these guys the decision has already been made. Should you choose to not move your house, and you continue to refresh it, you will risk losing the plot, the house and the contents.

Trees[edit | edit source]

If any trees are located on your housing plot, you can remove them by puchasing a Treestump Removal Shovel from an Architect NPC for 15,000gp.