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How to Start a Guild[edit | edit source]

Guild creation requirements:

  • Have a plot that you are co-owner or owner to;
  • Have a Deed for a Guildstone ( purchased from a Banker or Architect vendor)

Use a Guildstone Deed on a plot that you control and you will be prompted to select your new guild's Name and Name Tag.

Continue with the prompts and choose your Name and Tag and press Form Guild to complete sign-up.

Guildstone & Accessing the Guild Menu[edit | edit source]

Access Guild Menu[edit | edit source]

In order to access the guild interface, you will need to use your guild's guildstone object.

NOTE: For guilds created before 06/19/2019, you will be able to place a guildstone free of charge by saying i wish to place a guildstone. You will be able to access the guild interface without having a guildstone until 06/30/2019. 

Guildstone[edit | edit source]

Plot owners and guildmasters with control of the plot can move the guildstone at any time by saying i wish to place a guildstone

If you wish to move the guildstone to another plot, you can right click the guildstone and choose Destroy and then use i wish to place a guildstone on the new plot.

Guild Wars[edit | edit source]

Guilds can now declare war against other guilds.

Notoriety is exempt between warred guilds so that opponents can fight freely throughout the world without fear of repercussions from the Guards and without fear of receiving a murder count.

A red flag icon will appear next to enemy pet and player names.

Players cannot perform beneficial actions against enemies of opposing guild.

A transparent red flag will appear at the location of an enemy's corpse that is only visible to opposing guilds of the corpse owner.

The Guild Wars system keeps track of Kills/Deaths for each side, visible in the Guild Menu --> War --> Active War & then click on the name of the guild you wish to see stats for.

Leaving Guild[edit | edit source]

To leave your guild at any time you can utter the words i resign from my guild to be prompted to leave your existing guild.

Guild Territory[edit | edit source]

Guild Territory is now being rendered obsolete and existing territory will be phased out over time, refunding guildmasters.

Guilds used to be able to claim named territory to prevent outsiders from placing housing, and allowed for some GM decoration to be requested for the area, which could include functional teleporters to other areas within the territory.

Security Expectations[edit | edit source]

Guild territory does not ensure secure access to guild members only, as even if the area is fully fenced in (or similar), runes to the area can be marked and later dropped, or other ways inside the territory may be accessed.

It is up to the guild to protect their own territory however they see fit, without staff intervention. The only exception is that a non-member's housing plot may not cross into the guild territory, at which point staff may intervene.

Creating Guild Territory[edit | edit source]

Creating guild territory is no longer possible.

It required 3 real people to be in the guild, and cost 1,500,000 gp (now refundable as the territory is to be removed). The size of the territory is dependent on the size of the guild.

To start the process to remove the territory early, the guildmaster must contact a GM either by paging in-game or catching a GM on Discord in #general (not by DM).

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