Fishing Update December 2020

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This Patch Goes Live 12/18/2020[edit | edit source]

Ice Fishing[edit | edit source]

  • Ice Fishing has been introduced for the Frozen Tundra region
  • Use an icepick on the frozen lakes and river in Frozen Tundra to dig a fishing hole to fish from
  • Icepicks are sold by Fish Broker/Fishermen vendors in Frozen Tundra
  • Ice Fishing has chances to yield special fishing loot that can only be obtained in Frozen Tundra, as well as special holiday items only available for a short time
  • There may be some hungry wildlife to compete with so be prepared to put up a fight if needed
    Frozen Tundra Fishing Map

The LOA In-Game Macro System Has Been Added[edit | edit source]

  • The /macro command can now be used to open the in-game macro system
  • This will help with repeating actions in many cases
  • Some minor improvements have been added like the shortcut button to Custom Action (same as /custom command)

Fishing Updates[edit | edit source]

  • Fishing now yields fish of different sizes, larger sized fish being more difficult to catch
  • Regular sized fish are stackable, but larger sized fish will not be stackable as they have varying weights
  • Fishing loots have been refreshed; fishing will now yield a few types of Clothing, Reagents, Prized Fish, Fishing Nets and Message(s) in a Bottle
  • Prized Fish types have been introduced into the general fishing loots, these act similarly to a potion giving a temporary bonus in stats or refreshment when eaten
  • Animated schools of fish will no longer spawn, or if they do they are just decorative and will not yield anything special

Fishing Treasure/SOS[edit | edit source]

  • Fishing treasure chests can no longer be fished up via normal fishing activity, instead you will now have a chance to obtain a Message in a Bottle which will contain an SOS treasure map
  • SOS maps now show general direction towards treasure, and a map window when deciphering them giving you some idea as to where the treasure is located
  • Fishers are required to have at least 65 Fishing skill (add 5 for each level of difficulty) to fish up SOS maps
  • When attempting to fish up an SOS there will be a chance to spawn some creatures or loot recovered from a shipwreck
  • Sunken treasure chests are now created directly in the Fisher's backpack, and are locked and trapped, requiring lockpicking to open them

Fishing Nets & Mob Spawns[edit | edit source]

  • Fishing with a pole no longer yields sea creature spawns unless fishing up an SOS
  • Fishing Nets can be used in normal water (in the future this will be moved to Deep Water) for a chance to spawn some sea creatures
  • Fishing Nets can now be used to fish in normal waters for a chance at spawning sea creatures or a higher chance at some fishing loots (this will change to require Deep Water in the future when we have ships)
  • Fishing Nets are now stackable
  • Fishing Nets now come in an array of colors, some rarer than others; at this time color is just cosmetic for collecting, and does affect anything else
  • Fishing creatures have been refreshed and their respective loots updated