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Skill Type Gathering

This page requires an update, based on the Fishing Update December 2020

I almost caught a fish THIS big! But away.

General[edit | edit source]

Oceans surround Britannia on all sides, and winding rivers cut through the land. Those adept in Fishing will have an endless supply of fish, and have also been known to hook treasure and danger alike.

In order to fish, a player must simply have a Fishing Pole equipped, double-click the item, and then select the waters in which they would like to fish.

Fishing skill affects the success rate of gathering and also determines which objects the fisherman can obtain.

Fishing Sea Creatures have an extended decay of 30 minutes, except for the Crabzilla which will decay after 60 minutes.

Once all of the fish in a location have been gathered, a system message will appear stating "There doesn't seem to be any fish nearby." At this point, this fisherman will want to move further down the coastline in order to find another location to fish. This is not to be confused with the message "No fish are biting here..." as you can often fish in that exact spot and get something on your line on your next attempt.

Fish Levels[edit | edit source]

Fish to be caught, in order of skill required from lowest to highest:

  • Barrel Fish
  • Terofish
  • Spotted Terofish
  • Four-Eye Salar
  • Razorfish
  • Aetherfish

At 75 skill and higher players will start to fish up sea creatures including Sea Serpents, Undead Fishermen, Water Elementals, and Crabzilla.

At 95 skill and higher players will start to fish up chests.

Debuff Armor Bonus[edit | edit source]

GM Fishing provides an 80% chance, in PvE only (against monsters only), to debuff the monster's armor by 10%, stacking up to a 50% armor debuff. This applies only when using Mace Fighting weapons.

Other Loot[edit | edit source]

Other things can be fished up as well! The following list is not comprehensive but are just a few of the things you can expect to fish up.

Fishing while in a guarded location will only yield fish; for other Fishing rewards, you'll have to step out of guard protection.

  • Books
  • Pillows
  • Fishing Nets
  • Bracelets/ Necklaces
  • Ancient Artifacts (Enchanting Mats similar to those dropped by deamons IE- Flutes, Gold Bracelets, Masks, Pendants)
  • Ancient Idols
  • Fishing Shirt/ Waders
  • Treasure Maps