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Players may participate in Order vs Chaos PvP by assigning themselves to a faction. Joining a faction is specific to the individual and will not force your entire guild to join the faction.

Factions are not limited to fighting each other endlessly. It is entirely possible to organize alliances or to broker a truce. The most typical meeting place for faction members is the Riverside faction hall.

Joining a Faction[edit | edit source]

Joining a faction will show an order/chaos icon next to your name.

  • To join any faction (Order, Chaos or Balance), visit the Faction Hall in the neutral town of Riverside.
  • Alternatively, to join the Order faction, speak to the faction leader at the Headquarters in East Britain. Order has a blue/white icon.
  • Alternatively, to join the Chaos faction, speak to the faction leader in Buccaneer's Den. Chaos has a red/orange icon.

Leaving a Faction[edit | edit source]

To leave a faction, your must have served at least 7 days of real-world time first.

To resign from a faction you'll need to speak to the leader.

Notoriety[edit | edit source]

Members of opposing factions are exempt from performing negative actions on each other so you can attack, kill and loot each other freely.

Beneficial acts still depend on a target's notoriety. For example, if you are blue, and you heal a gray group-mate, you will be performing a criminal action.

Anyone not in a faction cannot perform beneficial acts on a player that is in a faction.

Murderers[edit | edit source]

Murderers cannot be part of a faction.

  • When you become a murderer you are kicked out of your faction, lose all favor points and conserve what ever delay you still had to leave/join a faction to prevent abuse.
  • When connecting the first time, murderers will be offered to either leave their faction or clear their murder count and stat loss to stay in their current faction.

Favor Points[edit | edit source]

  • When you join a faction you will start with 2 favor points.
  • You can ask your faction leader for a weekly allowance of 6 favor points
  • When killing an opposite faction player, if they have faction points to lose, you gain 1 faction point and they lose 1.
  • When killing a murderer that is not under stat loss penalty, you will get 2 faction points.
  • When leaving a faction, you lose all favor points from that faction.

Faction Gear[edit | edit source]

Faction gear includes the following items, all equivalent to an exceptional version of their standard counterparts.

  • shield
  • plate 3 piece set
  • leather 3 piece set
  • cloth 2 piece set

Crafting Faction Gear[edit | edit source]

Faction gear can only be crafted by players in the applicable faction and with the corresponding crafting skill at GM. This crafting attempt cannot fail.

Faction gear requires rare colored materials to craft.

Each peace of gear will require at least 1 favor point to craft. The crafter chooses himself or another faction member from which the favor will be used. For favor points to be used you need to have at least 2 points left after the craft. This means players in the faction will usually have a couple points to lose and need to risk them to farm more to use them for crafting.

In addition to being exceptional, faction gear has specific bonuses for PvE only. Each piece will have one effect, except for the robe that has two since it uses two equipment slots. You can mix and match each piece to get the effects you want. The faction gear PvE effects will only be available when the enchanting system goes live.

Leaderboard[edit | edit source]

Leaderboards for top champions of the realm and of each faction can be found at announcement boards in towns.

  • Champions of the Realm lists the players who killed the most reds, factions are listed by favor
  • The phrase to say to get your current realm champion kill count is how many souls have i collected

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