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Drinking is a secondary skill that allow you to sustain surviving through drinking more potent buffs (such as Uncle Gizmo's Garlic Sauce).

Like all secondary skills, Drinking doesn't count towards your skill total, and will help your tolerance!

Drinking skill defines your alcohol tolerance level. If your skill is too low for what you drink, you'll take damage. If your blood alcohol (the amount of standard drink units you drink) is higher than your tolerance level (your Drinking skill level), you will become poisoned, and how strong the poison is depends on how many units you have in your blood.

Example: At 100 Drinking, 6 standard drinks (such as 3 Ales) will raise your Intoxication level by 1.

Intoxication Levels[edit | edit source]

There are 4 levels of intoxication:

  • Tipsy
  • Drunk
  • Wasted
  • Blacked Out

Being wasted hurts, being blacked out will kill you quickly!

Every minute or so spent in the Drunk state will gain Drinking skill.

Meditation bonus[edit | edit source]

Currently, several drinks provide a boost on mana regeneration, but this mechanic will soon end, when the new map is finished. Drinking was created for role-playing purposes only, not to replace a primary skill. At the moment, however, Meditation increase is very usefull, but the effect ends if you change zones (for example, recall), not being able to regain it with another drink, until the effect of the previous drink "ends". The meditation boost effect lasts for 15 minutes.

Town bonus[edit | edit source]

When training Drinkiing in the city of Moonglow, you will benefit from an extra 10% in skill gain.

Drinks[edit | edit source]

Drinks work with "standard drink" units, which are approximately 250ml of drink with 5% alcohol in reality.

Drink Units
Ale 2
Blue Bull 2.5
Expired Poison 3.5
Uncle Gizmo's Garlic Sauce 8

Titles[edit | edit source]

Title Min Skill
Village Drunk 30
Ale Fiend 40
Wine Worshipper 50
Keg Pounder 60
Iron Belly 70
Tavern Hero 80
Spirit Slayer 90
TBD 100