Detect Hidden

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Detect Hidden
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Skill Type Rogue

Detect Hidden determines how well you can find hidden figures in the shadows. It allows you to reveal hidden players.

When invoking the skill, the player is presented with a targeting reticule which they can use to reveal any hidden individuals within an area. If the attempt is successful, any hidden players within the area will be revealed.

Detect Hidden reveals targets hidden through the use of Invisibility, Hiding, and Stealth. Any individual using Hiding and Stealth may re-hide upon detection. In Britannia, passive Detect Hidden can reveal targets without having to actively use the skill.

Formulas[edit | edit source]

Success Chance = MyScore >= TheirScore

  • Note: In UO all players have 20 base Detect Hidden & Hiding so MyDetectHidden & TheirHiding will always be 20 or more.
  • MyScore = ( MyDetectHidden * 10 ) + Random(0,20) - 10
  • TheirScore = ( TheirHiding * 10 ) + Random(0,20) - 10
  • If we are on a plot that we are at least friended to then Chance = 100%

Range = ( DetectHidden * 10 ) / 100 (min of 2 steps at 0 skill, and max of 10 steps at GM skill)

  • If we are on a plot that we are at least friended to then Range = 22

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