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After connecting to the server, you will need to create a new character. You will be allowed to have up to four characters per account.

  • Click the “+” symbol on one of the empty character slots to begin the process.
  • Enter your characters name and click “Next”. (Please refrain from using vulgar/offensive names during this process. Failure to do so will result in your name being changed at GM discretion.)
  • Select your characters appearance and starting clothing and click “Next”. (NB. there is currently a known issue with seeing your character's appearance at creation time. Please use a NPC barber in game to choose your appearance.)
  • You will then select either a template character such as Warrior/Mage/Etc or click the “Advanced” button to choose your own starting skills. If you choose your own skills you will have 120 points to spend between four selected skills using the arrow icons. Each starting skill can be raised to 50. (taking 2 skills to 50 as the starter build is the best method, that way with the money you are given you can learn the other skills to 30)
  • You will then be promoted to select your starting location. Britain or Moonglow are common new player choices of all types, and Cove is also a common option for crafters. Magincia has a rune library, but is also easy to get lost and the furthest from the nearby moongate.

If this is your first character on LoU, starting with a melee based character to generate some gold to fund your future characters is a common strategy. Some skills can be extremely expensive to train from the beginning. Swordsmanship/Healing/Parry/Magic Resist is a reasonable starting build. You can purchase Skill Books from a skill trainer in your city for Tactics and Anatomy (to instantly raise them to 30 skill in exchange for gold) or just train them by fighting creatures.

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