Arms Lore

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Arms Lore
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Skill Type Crafting / Lore

Arms Lore is a skill used in conjunction with other Crafting Skills. Arms Lore can be used during the crafting of certain items to increase exceptional chance rate, as well as to identify the condition of a weapon.

Usage[edit | edit source]

To use the skill, open your skill book (press K) and browse to the Arms Lore skill. Press the button to activate the skill, or drag the button to a hotbar to be assigned to a slot.

To gain Arms Lore, one must examine a weapon or armor piece.

Upon use, the Arms Lore skill will determine the following item properties:

  • Metal/Leather Type (the type of ingot / leather used to create the weapon/armor)
  • Durability
  • Quality (Exceptional or otherwise)
  • Slayer Type

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Every 0.1 points in Arms Lore grants an additional 0.01% chance to produce an exceptional item in crafting (ie. every 1 point grants +0.1%, every 10 points grants +1%).

At the Grandmaster level, Arms Lore provides a 10% increase in the chance to craft an 'exceptional' item.

Exceptional items provide more damage (if a weapon) or protection (if armor), as well as durability bonuses. Further, a Grandmaster in Arms Lore has an increased chance of crafting a Slayer item.

Upon activation of the Arms Lore skill to examine a piece of equipment, there are two possible outcomes:

  • Failure: A system message states 'You are not certain'
  • Success: A small menu containing details of the item statistics is presented

Durability and Effects[edit | edit source]

Durability will soon impact weapon and armor performance, at which point, a penalty is incurred at each step. Arms Lore can be used on an item to get information on the item's durability status.

Durability Description
100%-81% Almost New
80%-51% Barely Used
50%-11% Rather Battered
10%-1% Falling Apart

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