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IconV Archery.png
Skill Type Combat

Stand over there and let me shoot this apple off your head. No, I promise...I'll shoot the apple

From a distant grove of trees, a lone archer raises his bow, takes careful and, and with the slip of a finger, impales an enemy with a deadly arrow from afar.....

General[edit | edit source]

If you prefer to keep your distance from your target and demolish them from afar, look no further than Archery. Archery is a skill which requires a very steady aim and dexterous fingers. It has very much in common with other Combat Skills such as Swordsmanship, Fencing, and Mace Fighting. However, there are several further considerations the aspiring archer must take into account:

  • All bows are two-handed weapons
  • An Archer must have line-of-sight with their target
  • An Archer must be standing still in order to fire an arrow
  • Arrows must be located in the players pack as ammunition...An archer without arrows isn't much of an archer at all
  • Parrying does not work with Archery, as an archer does not have a free hand to wield a shield.

Easily the most important stat required as an Archer is Dexterity, as an Archer must be quick to draw and fire his weapon to cripple enemies from afar before being placed in harm's way.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

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