Animal Taming

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Animal Taming
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Skill Type Lore
Icon Dragon.png - What is that monster blocking the front door?

- It's a dragon. It followed me home.....Can I keep it?

To tame a creature to accept you as master requires patience, nerve, and willpower. The rewards of studying Animal Taming are considered by many to be well worth the investment of time. Tamers are considered one of the most-useful and versatile classes in fighting monsters and beasts, and to a much lesser extent, players.

A players skill in Animal Taming (along with their skill level in Animal Lore) will determine the chances of taming a given creature and controlling it. In addition, a high Animal Lore skill will reduce the minimum skill required to tame.

At 100 Animal Taming, you will get 2 extra stable slots.

Usage[edit | edit source]

In order to tame a creature or beast, you must (a) have the proper skill level required in order to tame the beast/creature and (b) must be standing near the target.

Although the majority of creatures and animals throughout the world are non-hostile and can be tamed at will, more dangerous creatures are more difficult to tame. There is a higher chance that the player will fail at their attempt to tame the beast or monster and enrage the beast. In the event that a beast becomes enraged, the player will have to wait several seconds and re-attempt taming the creature.

Veterinary and Animal Lore are essential skills that every tamer should be trained adequately.

Training[edit | edit source]

Below is a brief guide outlining where to tame various creatures and beasts throughout the world, and the approximate skill level required to attempt to tame the creatures. Taming can be attempted on most animals at approximately 5 levels below their listed requirements. For example, Grizzly Bears' minimum level is Taming Required: 56, allowing you to attempt taming starting at approximately level 51.

Active[edit | edit source]

Selling Pets[edit | edit source]

To sell a pet you must purchase a Pet Broker deed and place it on your property.

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