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Skill Type Crafting

Interesting fact: if you brush some dust off a corpse and grind it just a little finer, and you get one of the most explosive substances known to man!

General[edit | edit source]

Alchemy is a crafting skill that can be used by alchemists. By combining reagents the alchemist can brew potions of various types, such as heal, cure and agility potions.

Using a potion incurs a 1 second global cooldown before using another potion, including the same or another type of potion.

Having Alchemy at Grandmaster Level (100 Skillpoints) adds a damage bonus when using Explosion potions. Other potion type effects are not enhanced by the Alchemy skill.

There is a global Potion Cooldown time of 1 second in addition to some specific potions having a separate (longer) cooldown.

Potion Type Cooldown (old) Cooldown (new)
Global 2s 1s
Explosion 30s 15s
Cure 15s 7s
Refresh 30s 15s
Heal 10s 10s

Town bonus[edit | edit source]

When training alchemy in the city of Moonglow, you will benefit from an extra 10% in skill gain.

Craftables[edit | edit source]

In order to create potions and other balms, an Alchemist must have the required reagents, Empty Bottle(s), a Mortar and Pestle, and to be near an Alchemy Table.

Potion Reagents Skill Level Required
Lesser Agility 1 Blood Moss 0
Agility 3 Blood Moss 15
Greater Agility 7 Blood Moss 35
Potent Agility 2 Moss, 4 Fresh Blood Moss 100
Lesser Cure 1 Garlic 0
Cure 3 Garlic 25
Greater Cure 7 Garlic 55
Potent Cure 2 Moss, 4 Fresh Garlic 100
Lesser Explosion 3 Mandrake 0
Explosion 5 Mandrake 35
Greater Explosion 10 Mandrake 65
Potent Explosion 2 Moss, 4 Fresh Mandrake 100
Lesser Heal 1 Ginseng 0
Heal 3 Ginseng 15
Greater Heal 7 Ginseng 55
Potent Heal 2 Moss, 4 Fresh Ginseng 100
Lesser Intelligence 1 Ginseng 0
Intelligence 3 Ginseng 55
Greater Intelligence 7 Ginseng 75
Potent Intelligence 2 Moss, 4 Fresh Ginseng 100
Invisibility 3 Garlic 65
Potent Invisibility 2 Moss, 4 Fresh Garlic 100
Lesser Refresh 1 Mandrake 0
Refresh 2 Mandrake 35
Greater Refresh 5 Mandrake 55
Potent Refresh 2 Moss, 4 Fresh Mandrake 100
Nightsight 1 Ginseng 15
Potent Nightsight 2 Moss, 4 Fresh Ginseng 100
Lesser Poison 1 Nightshade 0
Poison 2 Nightshade 15
Greater Poison 3 Nightshade 55
Deadly Poison 4 Nightshade 90
Potent Deadly Poison 2 Moss, 4 Fresh Nightshade 100
Lesser Strength 1 Blood Moss 0
Strength 2 Blood Moss 25
Greater Strength 5 Blood Moss 45
Potent Strength 2 Moss, 4 Fresh Blood Moss 100

Potent Potions[edit | edit source]

Alchemists achieving grandmaster level (100 skill) can craft Potent potions, using moss and Fresh Ingredients. Fresh Ingredients are obtainable from Harvest of rare plants via Gardening or through the player economy. Depending on the potent potion type, the value range, duration, or charges are increased.

Potent Potion Increased Effect (compared to) Fresh Ingredient
Potent Agility amount +30 agilty (greater +20) Fresh Blood Moss
Potent Cure chance Fresh Garlic
Potent Explosion damage ~35% increased (compared to greater) Fresh Mandrake
Potent Heal amount 15-35 (greater 10-25) Fresh Ginseng
Potent Intelligence amount +30 intelligence (greater +20) Fresh Ginseng
Potent Invisibility duration 5 minutes (vs. 2 minutes w/ Invis potion) Fresh Garlic
Potent Refresh amount 90-100 stamina (greater 70-90) Fresh Mandrake
Potent Nightsight duration 1 hour (more powerful than Magery spell) Fresh Ginseng
Potent Deadly Poison charges 20 of Deadly Poison (vs. 12 w/ DP potion) Fresh Nightshade
Potent Strength amount +30 strength (greater +20) Fresh Blood Moss

Training[edit | edit source]

The most cost effective means of training Alchemy is as follows:

  • 0-30: Skill Trainer
  • 30-57: Regular Poison (2 Nightshade) (57 is a rough end point - you'll generally finish your second full keg at 56-59 skill) Note: this is a more cost-effective option compared to Lesser Intelligence at 1 ginseng as Regular Poison can be sold to players training Poisoning.
  • 57-85: Greater Poison (3 Nightshade)
  • 85-100: Invisibility Potion (3 Garlic)

Macroing[edit | edit source]

Several custom commands relating to potions are required to macro Alchemy (and Poisoning).

Potion resource names are in this format: TypePotionStrength. For example HealPotionLesser, HealPotion, HealPotionGreater, CurePotionLesser, and so forth.

Therefore, create a custom command called useresource CurePotionLesser and drag it to your hotbar to begin making a macro to drink a lesser cure potion.

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