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Legends of Ultima is an independently-developed Legends of Aria community server heavily inspired by Ultima Online.

Geography[edit | edit source]

We do not have the Britannia/Sosaria map yet, however we plan to use it in the future. Legends of Ultima uses the world map of Celador, using Britannian cities, moongates, and similarly themed dungeons.

Staff Members[edit | edit source]

List of team members in order of seniority.

Member Title
Gorgan Founder, Development Lead, Creative Director
Stimwalt Development Lead, Creative Director, Promotion
Triskil Development, Backend, Design
Alys Server Lead, Development, World Building & Design
Quenton Development, World Building & Design, Player Support
R-41 Unity Development Lead, Map Design
Arawn Art & Design
Smokey Rust Player Support, Event Design, Development

Staff Bio: Gorgan[edit | edit source]

I grew up playing UO with my family. UO has a deep personal connection to me and I am deeply passionate about recreating some of the nostalgic experiences we all once had. I also grew up taking apart computers and other various pieces of tech to see what it looks like, how it works, and to fix things.

I have spent some time with UO emulators like SphereServer and RunUO.  I have spent probably hundreds of hours customizing the game. At that time there were huge communities of people contributing to the open-source projects and you could find almost anything you wanted already created, unlike our current project. At that time I didn't quite have the skills or ability to create my own content, so it was nice to have the open-source community.

Since starting this project, I can say that I have learned new skills and honed old skills. I learn something new every day. It’s a blast to be able to do what we do here.

Some of the things that I am responsible for include:  

  • developing new features for the game
  • managing/assigning/responding to and fixing of issues/bug reports/feedback
  • communications with the public
  • managing the server/host machine

Staff Bio: Stimwalt[edit | edit source]

Hey guys, I’m Stimwalt. Many of you probably "e-met" me first from one of my YouTube videos on either Legends of Aria and/or Legends of Ultima, but I am also an experienced developer at my day job (C#), and help create new systems and features on the LoU server. Most people refer to me as "the Wizard" as I'm most known for my UO magic systems, but we all work on multiple systems to help recreate that UO feeling and setting.

So I grew up as a nerd, wearing glasses, and playing a lot of Nintendo games (before it was cool => hipster). As I got older I started building computers to run the cutting edge games on PC, like Diablo 1 and Warcraft 1! In 1998 I discovered Ultima Online, when my brother was running around with his miner "online" and I saw him get killed by an online player? It totally blew my mind. My UO experience is fairly old school, as I quit the game before Trammel was introduced, and I mainly played a Red character, and was fairly successful at it on Chesapeake server until around 2000. UO essentially ignited my hacking/programming career, as UO had so many exploits and bugs that I learned a lot about poor software design and reverse engineering. After that I was writing utilities on Windows, and the rest is history. Today I'm a Software Development Manager at a major company, and I still code everyday at work, and for LoU. I'm also a new dad, and spend a lot of time with my little one, and contribute to the server when I have time to kill.

On the Legends of Ultima team I help by creating new systems, adding new particle effect and animation designs, creating game lore, brainstorming ideas, public relations, promotion on YouTube/Twitch, and engaging the community on Discord and worldwide. I'm not afraid to get on the microphone to talk about our amazing project, or dive deep into some code. Cheers!

Staff Bio: Alys[edit | edit source]

Hey there, I'm Alys and I do a bunch of different stuff around here. I joined the team as a moderator in the second half of 2018, and then in 2019 I "upgraded" to my current role. I do a bit of coding and bug fixing, love to set up and run events and also keep an eye on pages from players and help them out where they need it. I’m also heavily involved in the day to day management of the server infrastructure behind the game itself.

My background as an online gamer started in the mid 90's with something called The Realm. That was shortly followed by Meridian 59, and then of course Ultima Online came along. I've been a huge fan and supporter of the MMO genre over the years, and have been involved in player support roles in a couple of different games along the way.

My only challenge is I don't get enough time to spend in the world of Legends of Ultima. I work for a global software company, and my job involves a lot of travel, which unfortunately digs into my free time (LoU time!). That being said, I'm really enjoying the time I'm able to spend with this team and the game, not to mention the playerbase of course! I'm truly excited about the direction we're heading in, especially once we have the Britannia map up and running. The nostalgia is strong in this one!

Staff Bio: Quenton[edit | edit source]

They call me Quenton the mage! To understand magic is to study beyond what most people see on the surface, as it is one thing to cast a spell and another to fully grasp it. UO's Britannia was the first place I learned how players use the world around them and I use this knowledge to sculpt it, to mould it, design it. I learned long ago that testing and feedback were ever invaluable, not just the words people say but the words people do not say, and the reasons for both. Some people think it is enough to toss a few reagents in the air and kerblammo! Magic! They think casting a spell over and over again will make them a grandmaster mage! Hah! It's never that simple!

So for me, while I work on several projects to turn Celador into our beloved Britannia that we remember, I do not specialise in one area but generalise a small part of many. I work the wiki, I temper the world's spawns, I try to determine the best way to help people communicate - and to communicate in the best way to get their messages across - and I try to help the rest of the team stay within our scope and reach their goals at the same time to maximise their contributions for our players. It's the quality of the magic that matters.

History of the Project[edit | edit source]

Where we came from[edit | edit source]

Legends of Ultima, the community server, was created by two players, Andi and myself (Gorgan). We met while playing Shards Online, later known as Legends of Aria. It started out as an experiment to see what we could do with the LOA platform and if we could make it emulate UO more than we had ever seen before.

After playing Ultima Online for many years and having a strong passion for it, and the memories that were created from it, we formed a guild called UO Veterans, on the official server, which was a big hit. People that saw the UO guild-tag knew exactly what it meant, and wanted to join fellow UO fans in their adventures. It was then that we realized the power and the following that UO has.

As with any early access games, we suffered through many wipes and updates, eventually a total rebranding, and a huge new world to explore and enjoy. While sitting around waiting for the next world-wipe to occur, we found ourselves wondering what it would be like to have our own server to play on and make it how we wanted it to be.

Where we were headed[edit | edit source]

The first problem we had to solve was that we needed to have a Community Server pledge, which was priced $200.00 USD at the time, and we also needed to have a dedicated server to host it from. Having just gone through a relocation and other life events, I was hesitant to spend that kind of money on something just to toy with it, at the time.

Andi stepped up and said “I will buy the Admin Account if we want to give this a go.” I couldn’t say no, as I had been dying to play the next installment of UO for over a decade of my life and while LoA does fulfill that desire, somehow we wanted more.

At this time we decided to try the server on a less-than-perfect PC for these conditions and see how it ran. In the beginning we could only run one of the many regions at a time without overloading the system. While this works okay for small-time development and testing, we just weren't getting the full experience of the game with just one region running.

In that one region, we had to consider all of the missing content from the rest of the regions, and re-create it in this one region. It was a bit like taking all of Britannia and packing it into Ocllo Island. It just wasn’t going to work over time.

We had to make a choice... did we continue on this path with only part of the world accessible, or do we call it quits and play on the Official or other Community servers? Andi once again stepped up and said “I’ll commit to paying monthly for a dedicated server rental.”

There was no turning back at this point. We knew that this was something we enjoyed and wanted to continue doing, so we decided on our name and purchased our domain name. This was it! We were official, and ready to start taking in play-testers.

Where we are today[edit | edit source]

Andi has since left the project. Gorg has taken over as Owner, and Stimwalt has taken Gorg's old post. After the change in leadership we saw a wave of players return to the server. Before we knew it we had hundreds of visitors stopping by to see what we were up to, and our Discord community grew into what it is today.

We’re very fortunate and blessed by the presence of our passionate players and truly appreciate each and every one of you for your time and effort with testing, reporting issues, and providing feedback to help shape our world into what it is today and what we hope it to be for tomorrow.

As we’ve grown, we’ve had to bring on new staff to help with the growing list of demands and duties that were becoming necessary to continue this project. Today we have some great highly-skilled web designers, developers, programmers and specialists in other areas that will help us become and stay a successful gaming community.

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